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Testo 380 Particle counter

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Fluke 985 Particle Counter

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PCE-CPC 100 Particle Counter

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MET ONE Aerocet 532 Handheld Particle Monitor

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PCE-CPC 50 Particle Counter

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EXTECH VPC300 Video Particle Counter with built-in Camera

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An Absolute Particle Counter PCE-MPC 25

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Powerful Particle Counter PCE-MPC 15

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PCE-RCM 15 Particle Counter

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Particle Counter PCE-RCM 10

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CEM DT-96 Mini Particle Counter

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A particle counter is an essential tool used in different sectors and research fields for precise and reliable analysis of airborne particles. Particle counters can reliably measure and describe particles depending on their size and concentration by applying advanced detection methods such as optical or laser-based technology.

Particle Counters for Analyzing Airborne Particles

Particle counters can detect and classify particles depending on their size, counting them in real-time, using modern optical or laser-based technology. They give significant information on particle concentration, size distribution, and morphology, allowing researchers and enterprises to analyze air pollution levels, evaluate product quality, monitor workplace safety, and meet regulatory standards.

The Role of Particle Counters in Industries

Particle counters play an important role in maintaining tight quality control requirements in industries such as pharmaceutical manufacture and semiconductor production. Particle levels must be precisely monitored in clean room particle counter and controlled environments to prevent contamination and assure product integrity. Businesses may identify and resolve potential sources of contamination by continuously monitoring and analyzing particle counts, resulting in enhanced product quality and fewer production risks.

Particle Counters for Occupational Safety Monitoring

Particle counters are also used in occupational health settings to assess worker safety. These sensors can monitor and quantify dangerous particles, providing crucial information to workers in order to protect them from potential respiratory dangers. Employers can implement effective safety measures and ensure compliance with occupational health and safety laws by monitoring airborne particles in industrial environments.

Particle Counters for Healthy Environments

Particle counters are also used to measure interior air quality. They aid in determining the presence of allergies, pollutants, and particulate matter in workplaces, schools, hospitals, and residences. Building managers can improve indoor air quality, create healthier settings, and promote occupant well-being by identifying and quantifying these particles.Particle Counter