EM Field Meters

PCE-SFS 10 Electrostatic Meter

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PCE-MFM 2400 Electromagnetic Field Meter

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EXTECH 480846 8GHz RF Electromagnetic Field Strength Meter

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PCE-MFM 3500 Magnetic field meter

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EXTECH 480826 Triple Axis EMF Tester

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EXTECH EMF450 Multi-Field EMF Meter

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EXTECH 480836 RF EMF Strength Meter

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EXTECH EMF300 Microwave Leakage Detector

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PCE-EMF 30 Perfect Magnetometer

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A tool used to measure electromagnetic fields, or EM fields, is an EM Field meter. These fields, which may be found everywhere from industrial settings to home appliances, are produced by the motion of electrically charged particles. They can also be found in the environment, such as in the magnetic field of the Earth or the electrical field of the atmosphere. As these fields might potentially have an impact on both human and animal health, it is crucial to be able to detect and monitor them.
A Gauss meter is one kind of EM Field meter. Gauss meters are used to gauge a magnetic field’s strength. These instruments measure the voltage that is produced when a magnetic field passes across a conductor. The magnetic field becomes stronger with increasing voltage. Gauss meters can be utilized in a range of settings, including industrial operations and research labs. The magnetic fields around electrical cables, transformers, and motors may be measured using them.
Electric field meters are yet another variety of EM field meters. These meters are employed to gauge an electric field’s strength. Around charged things, such as electrical appliances and power lines, such as electric fields are produced by electric charges. When using an electric field meter, two electrodes are put in the electric field, and the voltage between them is measured. The electric field is stronger at higher voltages. Electric fields surrounding electrical cables, transformers, and motors may be measured with electric field meters.
EM The radio frequency (RF) radiation that electronic gadgets like mobile phones and Wi-Fi routers generate may also be measured using field meters. The energy level of the radio waves in the area is detected by these meters. Health risks from RF radiation might arise, particularly after continuous exposure.

EM Field meters are crucial devices for measuring and keeping an eye on electromagnetic fields. They can give important information for lowering health hazards related to prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields and assist in locating sources of unintentional exposure to these fields. To achieve accurate readings and to safeguard the user’s health, it is crucial to operating these meters carefully and appropriately.


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