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Kyoritsu KEW 3128 High Voltage Insulation Testers

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Fluke 1555 FC 10 kV Insulation Tester

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Chauvin Arnoux CA6550 10kV Megohmmeter

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Fluke 1555 FC Insulation Tester Kit

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FLUKE 1550C FC 5 kV Insulation Tester Kit

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Fluke 1550C Insulation Tester -5kv

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Chauvin Arnoux CA6545 5kV Megohmmeter

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MEGGER MJ159-MJ359 and 210170 Major Megger Insulation Testers

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EXTECH MG500 Insulation Tester

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Insulation Tester Fluke

mohammad mahdi electronics insulation resisitance tester

A megohmmeter, commonly referred to as a megger, or an insulation resistance tester, is a useful diagnostic instrument for electrical and electronic equipment. It is used to assess the electrical equipment’s, cables, and wires’ insulation resistance. Insulation resistance testing is an essential component of regular electrical maintenance because it aids in the early detection of possible problems before they pose major risks to the electrical system. This is why choosing the right tester is important. Insulation tester from Fluke are considered among the best in the industry.

The Operation of Resistance Testers A high voltage, low current DC charge is generated and delivered between the wire or piece of equipment being tested and the ground in order for the Fluke megger tester to function. The current passing through the insulation between the conductors being examined is then measured using an insulation tester from Fluke in Dubai. The degree of insulating resistance is given in megohms in the findings.

insulation tester from Fluke often have two or three measurement ranges, commonly 500V, 1000V, and 2500V. Depending on the insulating resistance under investigation, a range will be can compare Fluke megger price and megger insulation price to choose the right one.

Insulation Resistance Test Applications

There are several applications for insulation tester from Fluke in Dubai, including:

Assessing the insulation quality of cables and electrical systems. Insulation resistance tests determine whether any cables or conductors are leaking, which might lead to a short circuit in nearby conductors. You can choose a reliable tester like Fluke 1555 for your required applications.

Determining the electrical load that a cable or conductor can safely handle while retaining a safe degree of resistance. Compare megger insulation price and prices from other brands on our MME website.

Figuring out the degree of insulating resistance from Fluke megger tester is necessary to adequately safeguard electrical systems and equipment in a certain environment.

Insulation resistance tests are useful tools for railroad and traction systems that assist in improving safety and spotting potential issues.

Best Insulation Resistance Tester

Some of the best insulation tester from Fluke are Fluke 1507, Fluke 1587, Fluke 1550, and Fluke 1555.

More Information:

Fluke 1550C is a 5 kV digital insulation tester that performs digital insulation testing up to 5 kV made by Fluke Co. MME as an accurate Supplier in the global arena, especially in the middle east can provide all kinds of measuring tools and instrumentations from various brands such as Hioki, Fluke, Flir. if you are looking for 10 kv insulation tester from Fluke or 10kv insulation resistance tester from other brands visit our website. Simply check Fluke megger price, and Earth tester fluke prices of other brands before buying.


In conclusion, insulation tester from Fluke are crucial for maintaining electrical and electronic systems because they deliver precise and trustworthy data that can be used to spot possible problems with electrical systems, equipment, and wiring. You can keep your electrical equipment safe, effective, and long-lasting while assuring your general safety by doing routine insulation resistance testing. Always choose an insulation tester from Fluke in Dubai of the highest caliber that is appropriate for your particular use case for the best results.