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Megger MOM200A Micro Ohmmeter

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Chauvin Arnoux CA6255 MicroOhmmeter

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Chauvin-Arnoux CA 6240 Micro-Ohmmeter

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PCE-MO 2010 Micro-ohm meter

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PCE-MO 2006 Milliohmmeter

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KAISE SK-3800 Handy mOhm Tester

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A useful instrument for determining low resistance values is a micro ohmmeter. It is a specialist tool utilized in a number of sectors, including power generation, rail, automotive, and aerospace. Resistance levels are as low as 1 micro ohm and may be measured by a micro ohmmeter, which is far more sensitive than a normal ohmmeter (0.000001 ohms).

A Micro Ohmmeter: What Is It?

The resistance of electrical conductors and other substances with low resistance levels may be measured with a micro ohmmeter. It applies a continuous current source and measures the voltage drop across the measurement conductor as a result. Ohm’s Law is then used to get the resistance value (Resistance = Voltage/Current).

How Do Micro Ohm Meters Operate?

By running a tiny, exact current across the conductor being measured, a micro ohmmeter operates. The voltage drop across the conductor caused by its resistance is then measured by the microohmmeter. By dividing the measured voltage by the current that was transmitted through the wire, the micro ohmmeter determines the resistance value.

Types of Micro Ohmmeter

  • Milli-ohmmeter
  • Low-resistance ohmmeter

Micro Ohmmeter features

  • Measurements with High Accuracy: Micro ohmmeters are Designed to Measure Very Low Resistance Values.
  • Broad Range of Measured Resistance: They are capable of measuring resistance values ranging from microohms to several thousand ohms.
  • Dual Range Capability: Certain micro ohmmeters have the capacity to measure both high and low resistance levels thanks to their dual-range capabilities.
  • Automated Measurements: Certain models offer facilities for automated measurements that make testing easier, cut down on mistakes, and save time.
  • Easily transportable to job sites and other areas where they may be required, micro ohmmeters are frequently made to be portable.

Using a Micro-Ohmmeter

  • Electrical Cable Testing: To make sure the resistance values of electrical cables that are susceptible to high currents are within acceptable bounds, it is necessary to test them on a regular basis. For this, micro ohmmeters are employed.
  • Testing of Electric Contact Resistance: Electric switches, relays, and other electromechanical devices’ contacts may be tested with micro ohmmeters.
  • Micro ohmmeters can be used to assess the effectiveness of the grounding system in electrical systems.
  • Micro ohmmeters may be used to check the weld quality in metal buildings and machinery.

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For those working in fields where low resistance values are crucial, micro ohmmeters are a necessary instrument. They deliver precise measurements that are essential for preserving the effectiveness and safety of electrical circuits and systems. Newer kinds of micro ohmmeters are becoming more automated, portable, and user-friendly because of technological improvements.

One of the best models of this device is from Hioki with an RM3548 model number, on the special page of this product, you can easily study its specifications and usage.