Thermal Camera

Testo 890 Thermal Imager X6

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AED 86,816 (excl.VAT)

Fluke ii910 Precision Acoustic Imager

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FLUKE TiX580 Infrared Camera

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Testo 890 Thermal Imager X5

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Fluke ii900 Industrial Acoustic Imager

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FLIR E96 Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera

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Testo 890 – Thermal Imager X4

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Testo 890 Kit Thermal Imager X3

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FLUKE Ti480 60Hz PRO Infrared Camera

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Fluke TiX501 Thermal Camera

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Testo 890-2 Thermal Camera

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Testo 890 kit – Thermal Imager X2

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AED 51,065 (excl.VAT)

Testo 890 FeverDetection Kit Thermal Imager X7

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Testo 890 Thermal Imager X1

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AED 42,540 (excl.VAT)

Fluke Ti401 PRO Thermal Camera

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Fluke Ti300 Infrared Camera

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FLIR E76 Powerful Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera

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Testo 883 Thermal Imager kit

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Fluke TiS75+ Thermal Camera

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FLIR E54-EST handheld thermal camera

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Original price was: AED 23,255.Current price is: AED 21,100. (excl.VAT)

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All objects emit infrared energy, known as a heat signature. An infrared camera (also known as a thermal imager) detects and measures the infrared energy of objects. The camera converts that infrared data into an electronic image showing the object’s apparent surface temperature.

What are thermal cameras used for?

An infrared or thermal imaging camera is a tool that turns the invisible infrared radiation that a thing generates into a visible picture. Many businesses heavily rely on this technology, including the military and defense, emergency medical services, firefighting, manufacturing, and building inspection. A Thermal Camera price varies depending on the brand, so explore the options before buying.

How do thermal cameras work?

Thermal imaging cameras identify temperature variations and visually depict those variations. The cameras offer non-contact, real-time temperature sensing across various settings and uses. Thermal cameras, often known as IR or IR cameras, are important tools for monitoring wide regions since they can detect infrared radiation up to a distance of several kilometers, making them crucial tools for keeping an eye on huge regions. You can learn about the Fluke Tis 20+ price and buy it online.

The use of infrared cameras in firefighting is among its most critical applications. Firefighters may use infrared technology to see through smoke and detect hot spots, which enables them to find the fire’s origin and put it out effectively. Firefighters can use a fluke thermal camera to detect temperature changes without putting themselves at risk in hard-to-reach places such as walls or ceilings.

Industrial Thermal Cameras

The Fluke TIs 60+ thermal imaging camera is a boon for the medical industry. Tracking variations in body temperature with a thermal infrared camera can help spot possible health problems. A thermal camera, for instance, can be used to spot variations in skin temperature and blood flow. This may be very useful for identifying diseases like Raynaud’s illness and arthritis or when keeping track of how wounds are healing.

In industrial settings, an infrared IR camera can track temperature changes in machinery and equipment. This is especially crucial in sectors like oil and gas extraction or chemical manufacturing, where temperature variations can signal possible issues like corrosion or leakage. The hospital may save time and money by identifying these problems early on with these cameras. Compare Thermal Camera prices of different brands and choose the best infrared IR camera for your needs.

Fluke Thermal Cameras

Fluke is a well-known brand that manufactures a wide range of test and measurement equipment, including thermal cameras. You can buy Fluke Thermal cameras online from reputable suppliers and distributors. These cameras use infrared technology to record and visualize temperature differences, allowing users to identify hotspots and potential problems in objects or systems. These cameras serve many applications, including industrial maintenance, electrical testing, and building diagnostics.

The Power of Thermal Cameras in Building Inspections

Lastly, thermal imaging cameras are utilized more frequently in building inspections to find possible issues like water or insulation leaks. Cameras can assist in locating regions of a building with possible heat loss and inadequate insulation by monitoring temperature variations in various portions of the building. Homeowners may reduce their energy costs and potentially unsafe situations by doing this.


A Flir thermal camera is crucial because it offers non-contact, real-time temperature monitoring. Thermal imaging cameras can foresee problems before they become serious in various applications, including firefighting, medical, industrial, and construction inspection, potentially saving time, money, and even lives. Buy Fluke thermal cameras or compare thermal camera prices of leading brands only from MME. for camera price in dubai please contact us.

Best thermal imaging cameras

Some of the leading thermal imaging cameras available in the market are:

Fluke TIs 60+

Testo 890

Testo 872


Fluke Ti480 PRO



For more information on thermal cameras

MME is one of the leading thermal camera suppliers, offering famous brands such as Satir, Flir, Testo, Hikmicro, and Milwaukee under one roof. If you are looking for a FLIR Thermal Camera or other thermal cameras in the UAE, visit our website. for dubai camera price please contact us.