Pressure Transmitter

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A pressure transmitter, also known as a pressure transducer, is a device used to measure and transmit pressure readings in various industrial applications. It converts the applied pressure into an electrical signal that can be transmitted and utilized for monitoring, control, and data acquisition purposes.

The primary function of a pressure transmitter is to accurately measure and transmit pressure values from a process or system. It is commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, and automotive, where pressure monitoring is critical for safe and efficient operations.

Accurate Pressure Measurement with Advanced Pressure Transmitters. Explore Our Wide Range of High-Quality transmitters for Precise Pressure Monitoring in Various Industries. Choose from Strain Gauge, Piezoresistive, or Capacitive Sensors for Exceptional Sensitivity and Accuracy.

How does a pressure transmitter work?

The pressure on the pressure transmitter acts as a force on the diaphragm – depending on the pressure applied, the diaphragm expands or compresses and the resistance value changes accordingly. The value is then transmitted as an electrical signal.

For use in oil and gas, chemical processing, HVAC, and other industries, our transmitters provide flexible pressure range coverage. Compact designs, simple integration, and a variety of mounting options. Gain from configurable digital displays, a variety of output options, and diagnostic capabilities.

Built with Durable Materials for Resistance to Rugged Environments. thoroughly tested and calibrated to guarantee long-term accuracy and stability. For safe operation in hazardous environments, comprehensive protection features are provided.

Reliable pressure transmitters and temperature transmitters can improve process control, cut downtime, and increase operational effectiveness. To learn more about our selection of transmitters and to improve your pressure monitoring solutions, get in touch with MMElectronics.

Features of pressure transmitter

Advanced Sensing Technologies
Wide Pressure Range Coverage
Easy Installation and Integration
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