E84016 ifm power supply

The E84016 ifm power supply switched-mode power supply 24 V DC offers dependable and effective power for a range of industrial applications. It has a convenient shut-down function, a high output current, and a variable output voltage range. It can be used to power industrial electronics in harsh settings, including controllers, sensors, actuators, and actuators.

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E84016 ifm power supply

E84016 ifm power supply switched-mode power supply 24 V DC is an excellent choice if you need a reliable and regulated source of power for your industrial controllers, sensors, actuators, and other electronics.At minimal output voltage, it can provide 40 A of current, and at highest output voltage, it can provide 34.3 A.

The input voltage can be set automatically between 100 and 240 VAC, and the output voltage can be adjusted between 24 and 28 V DC.With a 50% power reserve, it can withstand transient surges and peak demands without degrading its performance.

The E84016 ifm power supply ‘s excellent efficiency of up to 94.6% implies less waste heat and less money spent on power bills.It can also endure brief interruptions or changes in the input voltage thanks to its high mains buffering duration of up to 27 ms.

It is safe to use and long-lasting because it features overvoltage protection of 39 V DC and a protection class of I.The footprint of the E84016 ifm power supply is minimal, measuring in at just 45 mm in width and 100 mm in depth.

It has screw holes and a DIN rail for simple installation. With its sturdy metal casing and IP20 rating, it is designed for usage in dry environments.Connectors, cables, fuses, filters, and surge protectors are just some of the ifm accessories that work with the E84016 ifm power supply.

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  • For the regulated power supply for controllers, sensors, actuators, and industrial electronics
  • Low power loss thanks to high efficiency
  • High mains buffering time
  • Possibility to shut down the device via pulse pick-up
  • High power reserves

E84016 ifm power supply Specifications

Electrical data

  • Frequency AC [Hz]:
  • Operating voltage tolerance [%]:
  • Nominal voltage AC [V]:
    < 230
  • Input voltage range AC [V]:
  • Output voltage DC [V]:
  • Protection class:
    I; (IEC 61140)
  • Overvoltage protection:
    yes; (< 32 DC)
  • Output voltage [V]:
    adjustable; output voltage to SELV, PELV
  • Max. output current at min. output voltage [A]:
  • Max. output current at max. output voltage [A]:
  • Max. output current peak at min. output voltage [A]:
  • Max. output current peak at max. output voltage [A]:
    \Output power (permanent) [W]:
  • Output power (peak) [W]:
  • Note on output power :(peak) [W]if consumption > 4 s the power is automatically reduced to the output power
  • Power factor (nominal voltage 120 V AC / 60 Hz):
  • Power factor (nominal voltage 230 V AC / 50 Hz):
  • Power reserve [%]:
  • Number of output circuits:
  • Max. residual ripple [mV]:
  • Switch-on peak current (nominal voltage 120 V AC / 60 Hz) [A]:
  • Switch-on peak current (nominal voltage 230 V AC / 50 Hz) [A]:
  • Inrush current limitation:
  • Efficiency (nominal voltage 120 V AC / 60 Hz) [%]:
  • Efficiency (nominal voltage 230 V AC / 50 Hz) [%]:
  • External input protection:
    ≥ B-16 A / ≥ C-16 A
  • Derating [W/K]:
    24 (60…70 °C)
  • Mains buffering time (nominal voltage 120 V AC / 60 Hz) [ms]:
  • Mains buffering time (nominal voltage 230 V AC / 50 Hz) [ms]:
  • Input current (nominal voltage 120 V AC / 60 Hz) [A]:
  • Input current (nominal voltage 230 V AC / 50 Hz) [A]:
  • Power loss (nominal voltage 120 V AC / 60 Hz) [W]:
  • Power loss (nominal voltage 230 V AC / 50 Hz) [W]:
  • Back feeding protection [V]:


  • Short-circuit proof:
  • Overload protection:
  • Overload performance:
    Hiccup Mode; In the event of overload / short circuit, the output alternately supplies continuous power for 2 s and then switches off for 17 s.
  • Type DC-OK signal:
    relay output
  • Reliability of the DC OK signal:
    60 V DC (0.3 A) / 30 V DC (1 A) / 30 V AC (0.5 A)

Operating conditions

  • Ambient temperature [°C]:
  • Note on ambient temperature observe the free space for convection (see operating instructions)
  • Storage temperature [°C]:
  • Max. relative air humidity [%]:
    95; (IEC 60068-2-30)
  • Protection:
    IP 20; (EN 60529)
  • Pollution degree:
    2; (IEC 62103: conductive soiling not permitted)

Tests / approvals

  • EMCEN 61000-6-1:

EN 61000-6-2

EN 61000-6-3

EN 61000-6-4

EN 61000-3-2
Class A

  • Vibration resistanceIEC 60068-2-6:
    ±1,6 mm 2…17,8 Hz / 1 g 17,8…500 Hz
  • Shock resistanceIEC 60068-2-27:
    15 g 6 ms / 10 g 11 ms
  • Power Factor Correction (PFC):

Mechanical data:

  • Weight [g]:
  • Type of mounting:
    rail; (TH35 (EN 60715))
  • Dimensions [mm]:
    124 x 126 x 132.6
  • Materials:
    steel sheet

Displays / operating elements

  • DisplayDC ok:
    1 x LED
    1 x LED


  • RemarksSeries connection of outputs only applies to identical: units up to max. 150 V DC overall voltage
  • Pack quantity:
    1 pcs.

Electrical connection

  • Connection:
    screw terminals:
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