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Fluke 120B Series Industrial handheld Oscilloscopes

Fluke 120B Series Industrial ScopeMeter® handheld Oscilloscopes Key Features :

  • Dual-input digital oscilloscope and multimeter in a ScopeMeter® test tool
  • Available with a 40 MHz or 20 MHz oscilloscope bandwidth
  • Features Connect-and-View™ trigger simplicity for hands-off operation
  • Includes IntellaSet™ technology to automatically and intelligently adjust numerical readout based on measured signal
  • Provides a dual-input waveform and meter reading recorder for trending data over extended periods
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Fluke 120b series industrial scopemeter handheld oscilloscopes

The Fluke 120B Series Industrial portable Oscilloscopes are designed to offer accurate and dependable measurements in demanding industrial situations. They are small, portable, and simple to use, making them perfect for technicians and engineers on the go who need to diagnose electronic systems.
It’s a completely integrated test tool, combining the operations of an oscilloscope, multimeter, and high-speed recorder into a single, user-friendly instrument. The Fluke Connect® mobile app and FlukeView® for ScopeMeter software are also integrated with the ScopeMeter 120B Series to provide for additional collaboration, data analysis, and archiving of essential test information.

Benefits of Fluke 120B Series Industrial handheld Oscilloscopes:

fluke 120b series industrial scopemeter handheld oscilloscopes are small and lightweight, making them portable and easy to carry everywhere. They are small enough to carry in a toolbag or even a pocket, making them ideal for workers who need to diagnose problems in multiple locations.

These Oscilloscopes are designed to survive tough industrial settings. They have a robust surface that can withstand accidental drops as well as dust and moisture exposure.

Accurate measurements: The Fluke 120B measures voltage, frequency, and other parameters precisely. They have a high-resolution display that makes waveforms and other signals simple to observe.

Simple to use: These Oscilloscopes have been built with ease of use in mind. They offer an easy-to-use interface that allows technicians to traverse menus and take measurements quickly and effortlessly.

Key features

  • ScopeMeter® test tool with dual-input digital oscilloscope and multimeter.
  • Available with oscilloscope bandwidths of 40 MHz or 20 MHz.
  • Connect-and-ViewTM trigger simplicity for hands-free operation
  • IntellaSetTM technology is included to automatically and intelligently alter the numerical readout based on the observed signal.
  • It has a dual-input waveform and metre reading recorder for trending data over long periods of time.

Fluke 120 B Series Industrial portable Oscilloscopes frequently asked questions:

How much bandwidth do Fluke 120B Series Oscilloscopes have?
Fluke 120 B Series Oscilloscopes have a bandwidth of 20 MHz.

Fluke 120 B Series Oscilloscopes use what kind of battery?
A rechargeable lithium-ion battery powers the Fluke 120 B Series Oscilloscopes.

Can I use Oscilloscopes from the Fluke 120 B Series for automobile diagnostics?
Fluke 120 B Series Oscilloscopes can be used for vehicle diagnostics. They can be used to diagnose issues with electrical systems, sensors, and other components.

What is the manufacturer’s warranty on Fluke 120 B Series Oscilloscopes?
The Fluke 120B Series Oscilloscopes are covered by a three-year warranty.

Fluke 120B Series Industrial handheld Oscilloscopes Specifications :

  • Frequency response – dc coupled:

Without probes and test leads (with BB120):123B: dc to 20 MHz (-3 dB),124B and 125B: dc to 40 MHz (-3 dB)

With STL120-IV 1:1 shielded test leads:DC to 12.5 MHz (-3 dB) / dc to 20 MHz (-6 dB)

With VP41 10:1 Probe:123B: dc to 20MHz (-3 dB),124B and 125B: dc to 40 MHz (-3 dB)

  • Frequency response – ac coupled (lf roll off):

Without probes and test leads:<10 Hz (-3 dB)

With STL120-IV 1:1 shielded test leads:<10 Hz (-3 dB)

With VP41 10:1 Probe:<10 Hz (-3 dB)

  • Rise time, excluding probes, test leads:123B <17.5 ns124B and 125B <8.75 ns
  • Input impedance:

Without probes and test leads:1 MΩ//20 pF

With BB120:1 MΩ//24 pF

With STL120-IV 1:1 shielded test leads:1 MΩ//230 pF

With VP41 10:1 Probe:5 MΩ//15.5 pF

  • Sensitivity:5 mV to 200 V/div
  • Analog bandwidth limiter:10 kHz
  • Display modes:A, -A, B, -B
  • Max. input voltage A and B:

Direct, with test leads, or with VP41 Probe:600 Vrms Cat IV, 750 Vrms maximum voltage.

With BB120:600 Vrms

  • Max. floating voltage, from any terminal to ground:600 Vrms Cat IV, 750 Vrms up to 400Hz
  • Scope modes:Normal, Single, Roll
  • Ranges (normal):

Equivalent sampling:123B: 20 ns to 500 ns/div,124B and 125B: 10 ns to 500 ns/div

Real time sampling:1 μs to 5 s/div

Single (real time):1 μs to 5 s/div

Roll (real time):1s to 60 s/div

  • Sampling rate (for both channels simultaneously):

Equivalent sampling (repetitive signals):Up to 4 GS/s

Real time sampling 1 μs to 60 s/div

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