Fluke 1LAC II A Non-Contact Voltage Tester
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Fluke 1AC II VoltAlert 5-pack

The next generation Fluke 1AC II VoltAlert 5-pack non-contact voltage testers from Fluke are easy to use – just touch the tip to a terminal strip, outlet, or supply cord.

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Fluke 1Ac 2 Voltalert 5-Pack

Fluke 1AC II VoltAlert 5-pack

Fluke 1AC II VoltAlert 5-pack is available in a 5-pack bundle.

Fluke 1ac ii voltalert 5 pack review

The Fluke 1AC II VoltAlert is a non-contact voltage tester that detects alternating current (AC) voltage in devices, wires, and electrical equipment. Its capacity to detect AC voltage without making direct contact with the circuit makes it a helpful and safe instrument for users to utilise when determining the absence of voltage in the surroundings.


Key Features of Fluke 1AC II VoltAlert:

Quick Detection: Because this voltage tester detects voltage quickly and reliably, users may easily determine the presence of voltage in the region of interest.

Simple to Use: The Fluke 1AC II VoltAlert is simple to use. Simply turn on the device and approach the target area with the sensor tip. When voltage is detected, the VoltAlert displays or sounds an alert.

Safety: Using the Fluke 1AC II VoltAlert increases user safety by allowing them to check for the presence of voltage before making direct contact with electrical circuits.

High precision: The voltage tester has a high level of precision and can detect even minor voltage variations.

The Fluke 1AC II VoltAlert is appropriate for a variety of applications, including residences, workplaces, businesses, and electrical repairs. It is a vital instrument in the electrical and electronics industries, and professionals and engineers rely on it daily. The Fluke 1AC II VoltAlert is a high-quality voltage detection gadget that provides both safety and precision.To purchase volt alert 1ac-a ii or to learn more about fluke volt alert 1ac-a ii, go to the mme-ae website.

Click on the manual tab to obtain the Fluke 1ac ii voltalert 5 pack user manual. Fluke 1LAC II is a similar voltage detector; for other voltage detectors, see the MME page.

Fluke 1AC II VoltAlert 5-pack specifications:

  • Operating principles of volt alert fluke: Senses the steady state electrostatic field produced by AC voltage through insulation without requiring contact with the bare conductor. A red glow at the tip and a beeping noise (if not switched OFF) indicate the presence of voltage.
  • Voltage sensing ranges: Nominally, 90 V AC to 1000 V AC
  • Detector tip style: Flat-tip
  • Agency approvals:c CSA us, CE, C-Tick
  • Safety rating:1000 V, CAT IV
  • Safety compliance:Meets IEC 61010-1:2001, UL 61010-1 (2nd ed.), CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1-04, and ISA-82.02.01 Pollution Degree 2
  • EMC compliance: Meets IEC 61326-1:2006
  • IP rating: IP 40
  • Operating temperature:-10°C to 50°C (-14°F to 122°F)
  • Operating altitude:3000 m
  • Battery life: Typical battery life of greater than 1 year
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1 review

1 review for Fluke 1AC II VoltAlert 5-pack

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  1. Nolan

    Very easy to use. Just an on/off button. When you place the tip near a potential source of current

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