Fluke 3000 FC DMM / PRV240 Proving Unit Kit

Fluke 3000 FC DMM / PRV240 Proving Unit Kit pocket-sized and battery powered voltage source used to verify proper voltage measurement functionality of your 3000FC Digital Multimeter.

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Fluke 3000 FC DMM / PRV240 Proving Unit Kit

The Fluke PRV240 Proving unit is a portable, pocket-sized, and battery-powered voltage source used to verify the proper voltage measurement functionality of your 3000FC Digital Multimeter.

The Fluke 3000 FC gives you true RMS voltage and current measurement, 6000 count resolution, automatic and manual, and can perform frequency, capacitance, resistance, continuity, and go-out. In addition, the Fluke 3000 FC has 0.09% better baseline accuracy, a digital display that shows up to three sub-readings from remote modules, and a bright white backlight.

Users of this wireless multimeter can take use of a number of advantages, such as precision, adaptability, and portability. This article examines the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing the Fluke 3000 FC DMM and provides answers to some frequently asked questions about it.

Accuracy, reliability, and ease of use make the Fluke 3000 FC Wireless Multimeter the ideal solution for professional technicians. Independently tested for safe use in CAT IV 600V/CAT III 1000V environments, the Fluke 3000 FC has all the features you need to diagnose and troubleshoot many problems in electrical and electronic systems.

The Fluke 3000 FC True RMS Wireless Multimeter and Fluke Connect Wireless Test Tool place instruments, not your body, near active electrical panels. Kinda easy. All you have to do is turn off the switchboard, open the distribution panel while wearing personal protective equipment, and connect the remote modules, whether voltage modules, current clamps, loops flexible current, or thermometer.

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Benefits of using the Fluke 3000 FC DMM:

  • The Fluke 3000 FC DMM has wireless connectivity, enabling users to link their smartphone or tablet to the device. Even in difficult-to-reach places, you can examine and exchange data with ease thanks to this functionality.
  • Measurements are highly accurate with this DMM when measuring electrical quantities including voltage, current, and resistance. Even in noisy electrical situations, it guarantees accurate readings with to True-RMS (Root Mean Square) technology.
  • Durability: The Fluke 3000 FC DMM is made to resist challenging industrial settings. It has a tough construction that can survive drops and shocks, making it a dependable field tool.
  • Versatility: This DMM may be utilized for a wide range of tasks, including troubleshooting electrical systems, industrial automation, and HVAC systems. It is a flexible instrument that may

Fluke 3000 FC Series Wireless Multimeter Features

  • AC and DC voltage measurements up to 1000 V
  • AC and DC current measurements with a resolution of 0.01 mA
  • Continuity test, resistance measurement, diode test, capacitance, and frequency measurements
  • MIN/MAX recording
  • CAT III 1000V, Cat IV 600V; IP54

Fluke 3000 FC DMM / PRV240 Kit specifications:

Fluke 3000 FC DMM, PRV240 Proving Unit Kit
  • Includes:
  • True-RMS Wireless Multimeter
  • Three AA Alkaline batteries (installed)
  • TL175 Test Leads
  • AC175 Alligator Clips
  • Fluke PRV240 Proving Unit:
  • TPAK hanging strap
  • Four AA batteries
  • Instruction sheet


  • Fluke C3004 Carrying case for industrial kit
  • TL175 TwistGuard™ test leads
  • Fluke pc3000 FC Wireless PC Adapter
  • Fluke 3000 fc industrial kit
  • Fluke 3000 fc service manual
  • Fluke 3000 fc kit
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  1. Andrew

    This is my favorite multimeter for general use by far

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