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Fluke 700P05 Gauge Pressure Module

The Fluke 700P05 Gauge Pressure Module stands as a beacon of precision in pressure measurement. Its broad pressure range, ability to perform differential pressure measurements, isolation for accuracy, and compatibility with the Fluke 700 Series Process Calibrators make it a top choice for professionals in various industries. Whether it’s ensuring HVAC systems operate at peak efficiency or maintaining tight control over industrial processes, the Fluke 700P05 proves to be an indispensable tool for those who demand accuracy and reliability in pressure measurements.

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Fluke 700P05 Gauge Pressure Module

The Fluke 700P05 Gauge Pressure Module is a cutting-edge device designed for accurate pressure measurement in various industrial applications. This module, compatible with the Fluke 700 Series Process Calibrators, stands out for its precision and reliability, making it an indispensable tool for professionals requiring precise pressure readings.

Key Features

The gauge pressure module boasts a range of 0 to 30,000 psi, providing a versatile solution for different pressure measurement needs. Equipped with one pressure fitting, it measures pressure with respect to atmospheric pressure, ensuring accuracy in diverse atmospheric conditions. This feature makes the Fluke 700P05 an ideal choice for applications where atmospheric pressure variation is a critical factor.

Differential Pressure Measurement

One distinctive feature of the Fluke 700P05 is its ability to perform differential pressure measurement. With two pressure fittings, it calculates the difference between the applied pressure on the high fitting versus the low fitting. This capability enhances its suitability for tasks where precise differential pressure readings are essential, such as in HVAC systems or industrial process control.

Isolation for Accurate Readings

The gauge pressure module is designed with isolation, ensuring accurate and reliable readings even in challenging environments. This isolation feature makes the Fluke 700P05 suitable for applications where interference or contamination could impact measurement accuracy. Professionals can rely on this module to deliver consistent and dependable results in various industrial settings.

Versatility with Fluke 700 Series Process Calibrators

The Fluke 700P05 is seamlessly compatible with the Fluke 700 Series Process Calibrators, adding to its versatility. This compatibility allows users to integrate the module into their existing calibration setups, enhancing the efficiency of pressure calibration processes. The modular design of the Fluke 700 Series ensures that professionals can adapt their calibration tools to meet specific requirements, making the Fluke 700P05 a valuable addition to their toolkit.

Fluke 700P05 Gauge Pressure Module Specifications:

  • Parameter Range: 0 to 30 psi (0 to 2 bar)
  • Burst Rating: 4X
  • Hi Side Media: 316 SS
  • Lo Side Media: NA
  • Reference Uncertainty: ±0.0175 %
  • Total Uncertainty: 1 year (15-35℃): ± 0.035 %
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