Fluke 750PD6 Pressure Module

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Fluke 750PD6 Pressure Module

The Fluke 750PD6(-15 to 100 psi (-1 to 7 bar)) is a pressure module designed for use with Fluke 750 and 740 series documenting process calibrators. The Fluke 750P Series Pressure Module will turn your Fluke Multifunction Calibrator into a full-fledged pressure calibrator. These flexible modules not only work with multi-function calibrators such as the 725, 726, or 750 series calibrators but also expand the measurement range of Fluke pressure calibrators. Because the pressure modules are independently calibrated, they can be exchanged from one calibrator to another without loss of accuracy or traceability.

Fluke 750PD6 Key Features

  • A complete family of precision pressure modules
  • Covers workloads from 1 inH20 to 10,000 psi (2.5 mBar to 690 bar)
  • 8 intrinsically safe models for use with Fluke 718EX or 725EX
  • Reduce errors by digitally sending measurements to calibrators
  • Precision measurements with reference uncertainties up to 0.01%

Fluke 750PPD6 Specifications

  • Pressure range: -15 to 100 psi (-1 to 7 bar)
  • Burst rating: 4X
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