Kyoritsu 2200 Digital Clamp Meter

Kyoritsu 2200 Digital Clamp Meter Key features :

  • Ultra Slim and lightweight Handy design
  • 1000A AC Clamp Meter AC40/400/1000A Auto Range
  • Ø33mm Tear Drop Jaw easy to use in tight places
  • DMM function ACV, DCV, Ω, Continuity Buzzer
  • Fuseless electronic protection on up Ω/ to 600V
  •  IEC61010-1 Safety Standard
  • CAT III 600V (AC A) CAT III 300V / CAT II 600V (AC/DC V)
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Kyoritsu 2200 Digital Clamp Meter

The Kyoritsu 2200 digital clamp meter is an average-sensing, auto-ranging multimeter used in electrical testing applications to measure current, voltage, and resistance. Alternating current (AC) is measured with a clamp that can handle up to 1,000A (amperes). To monitor current without touching or breaking the circuit, the clamp includes two jaws that can close around an electrical conductor up to 33mm (1.3 inches) in diameter.

The jaws are 10mm thick (or 0.39 inches thick) to provide for tight fit between conductors. A set of test leads is provided for measuring resistance to 40M (megohms) and AC and DC (direct current) voltage up to 600V. The meter contains a 4,199-count LCD and a rotary switch for choosing the property to measure.

The data hold function preserves the most recent reading on the display after the circuit is disconnected in order to help with documentation of readings and catch readings in small places. Electricity is conducted by the circuit, as shown by a continuity buzzer. Two 1.5V AAA batteries are required for operation, and the device automatically shuts off after 10 minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life. When the battery has to be replaced, it has a low-battery indicator.

Kyoritsu 2200 Digital Clamp Meter Specifications :

  • AC A : 40.00/400.0/1000A (Auto-ranging)
    ±1.4%rdg±6dgt (50/60Hz)
    ±1.6%rdg±6dgt (45 – 65Hz)
  • AC V : 4.000/40.00/400.0/600V (Auto-ranging)
    ±1.8%rdg±7dgt (45 – 65Hz)
    ±2.3%rdg±8dgt (65 – 500Hz)
  • DC V : 400.0mV/4.000/40.00/400.0/600V (Auto-ranging)
    ±1.0%rdg±3dgt (*1)
  • Ω : 400.0Ω/4.000/40.00/400.0kΩ/4.000/40.00MΩ (Auto-ranging)
    ±2.0%rdg±4dgt (0 – 400kΩ)
    ±4.0%rdg±4dgt (4MΩ)
    ±8.0%rdg±4dgt (40MΩ)
  • Conductor size : Ø33mm max
  • Power source : R03/LR03 (AAA) (1.5V) × 2
    *continuous measuring time:
    approx. 350 hours (Auto power off: approx. 10 minutes)
  • Dimensions : 190(L) × 68(W) × 20(D)mm
  • Weight : Approx. 120g (including batteries)
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Since its founding in 1940, Kyoritsu has made customer satisfaction and providing high quality products and services their top priorities. State of the art electrical measurement technology products are the backbone of their company's business. Kyoritsu's wide line of testers has contributed to technological developments and industrial infrastructures worldwide.