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Kyoritsu KEW 2003A AC/DC Digital Clamp Meters

Kyoritsu KEW 2003A AC/DC Digital Clamp Meters key features:

  • Equipped to measure both AC and DC current with transformer jaws of large diameter.
  • Can measure AC and DC currents up to 2000A.
  • Output terminal for connection to recorders.
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Kyoritsu AC/DC Digital Clamp Meters KEW 2003A

The Kyoritsu KEW 2003A AC/DC Digital Clamp Meters, also known as the Kyoritsu 2003A or simply the KEW 2003A, is a highly versatile and functional tool designed for precise electrical measurements in both AC and DC formats. This clamp meter, widely recognized for its capabilities, is particularly noted for measuring large currents up to 2000A, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

One of the standout features of the KEW 2003A is its transformer jaws, which have a large diameter to accommodate different types and sizes of conductors. This design ensures accurate current measurement even in complex wiring environments. The meter offers a minimum resolution of 0.1A, providing high precision in readings that are essential for detailed analysis and troubleshooting.

In addition to its current measurement capabilities, the Kyoritsu AC/DC Clamp Meter KEW 2003A also supports measurement of AC/DC voltage and resistance. It includes a continuity function, crucial for verifying electrical connections and identifying breaks in circuits. These features make the KEW 2003A a comprehensive tool for electrical diagnostics and maintenance tasks.

For added functionality, the KEW 2003A is equipped with an output terminal for recorder connection. This allows for continuous monitoring and recording of measurements, invaluable for long-term performance assessment and ensuring compliance with electrical standards.

Kyoritsu KEW 2003A specifications:

  • AC A: 400A/2000A (0~1000A)

|±1.5%rdg±2dgt [50/60Hz]

|±3%rdg±4dgt [40~500Hz]

|±5%rdg±4dgt [500Hz~1kHz]

2000A (1001~2000A)

|±3%rdg±2dgt [50/60Hz]

  • AC V: 400/750V

|±1.5%rdg±2dgt [50/60Hz]

|±1.5%rdg±4dgt [40Hz~1kHz]

  • DC A: 400/2000A ±1.5%rdg±2dgt
  • DC V: 400/1000V ±1%rdg±2dgt
  • Ω: 400/4000Ω|±1.5%rdg±2dgt
  • Continuity buzzer: buzzer sounds below 50±35Ω
  • Conductor Size: Ø55mm max.
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz~1kHz
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  1. Elias

    it works very well

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Since its founding in 1940, Kyoritsu has made customer satisfaction and providing high quality products and services their top priorities. State of the art electrical measurement technology products are the backbone of their company's business. Kyoritsu's wide line of testers has contributed to technological developments and industrial infrastructures worldwide.

Data Sheet

Data Sheet


Parameter Description
AC A 400/2000A (0 – 1000A)
±1.5% rdg ±2 dgt [50/60Hz]
±3% rdg ±4 dgt [40 – 500Hz]
±5% rdg ±4 dgt [500Hz – 1kHz]
2000A (1001 – 1999A)
±3% rdg ±2 dgt [50/60Hz]
DC A 400/2000A ±1.5% rdg ±2 dgt
AC V 400/750V
±1.5% rdg ±2 dgt [50/60Hz]
±1.5% rdg ±4 dgt [40Hz – 1kHz]
DC V 400/1000V ±1% rdg ±2 dgt
Ω (Resistance) 400/4000Ω ±1.5% rdg ±2 dgt
Continuity Buzzer Buzzer sounds below 50±35Ω
Conductor Size Ø55mm max.
Frequency Response 40Hz – 1kHz
Output Recorder:
DC400mV against AC/DC400A
DC200mV against AC/DC2000A
Safety Standard IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 600V / CAT III 1000V
IEC 61010-031
IEC 61010-2-032
Power Source R6 (AA) (1.5V) × 2
Dimensions 250(L) × 105(W) × 49(D)mm
Weight Approx. 530g
Accessories 7107A (Test leads)
9094 (Carrying Case)
R6 (AA) × 2
Instruction Manual
Optional Accessories 7256 (Output cord)