Kyoritsu kew 2055 ac/dc digital clamp

Kyoritsu AC/DC Digital Clamp Meters KEW 2055 Key features :

  •  Designed to meet international safety standard IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 600V
  • CAT IV Clamp Meters can measure the Voltage and Current in both every low and high power circuits
  •  Very useful for power distribution companies, power utilities and maintenance fields
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Kyoritsu AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter KEW 2055

The IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 600V clamp meter is designed to meet international safety standards. CAT IV clamp meter can measure high and low voltage and current in circuits. Very useful for distribution companies, power plants, and maintenance departments.

kyoritsu acdc digital clamp meters

kyoritsu 2055 acdc digital clamp meters

Using a clamp ammeter to measure current does not require cutting the current-carrying wire. It is enough to place the current-carrying wire between the two clamp jaws to see the current passing through the current-carrying wire when the clamp jaws are closed. High sensitivity and accuracy are positive aspects of these clamps.

acdc digital clamp meters kew

A clamp meter is a clamp-like device that can be clamped around a live wire to measure the current flowing through it. In principle, current clamps detect the magnetic field that emanates from the current flowing in the wire to measure the current’s value.

Specifications Dc Digital Clamp Meters-Kew-2055

digital clamp meter kyoritsu

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kyoritsu 2055 ac/dc digital clamp meter Specifications :

  • AC A : 0 – 600.0/1000A
    ±1.5%rdg±5dgt (50/60Hz)
    ±3.0%rdg±5dgt (40 – 400Hz)
  • DC A : 0 – 600.0/1000A
  • AC V: 6/60/600V
    Auto Ranging
    ±1.3%rdg±4dgt (50/60Hz)
    ±3.0%rdg±5dgt (40 – 400Hz)
  • DC V : 600m/6/60/600V
    Auto Ranging
  • Ω : 600/6k/60k/600k/6M/60MΩ (Auto Ranging)
    ±1%rdg±5dgt (600 – 6M) / ±5%rdg±8dgt (60M)
  • Continuity buzzer: Buzzer Sounds at 100Ω
  • Frequency/DUTY : 10/100/1k/10kHz (Auto Ranging) / 0.1 – 99.9%
  • Conductor size: Ø40mm
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Since its founding in 1940, Kyoritsu has made customer satisfaction and providing high quality products and services their top priorities. State of the art electrical measurement technology products are the backbone of their company's business. Kyoritsu's wide line of testers has contributed to technological developments and industrial infrastructures worldwide.

Data Sheet

Data Sheet


Specification Category Details
AC A 0 – 600.0/1000A
±1.5%rdg±5dgt (50/60Hz)
±3.0%rdg±5dgt (40 – 400Hz)
DC A 0 – 600.0/1000A
AC V 6/60/600V (Auto-ranging)
±1.3%rdg±4dgt (50/60Hz)
±3.0%rdg±5dgt (40 – 400Hz)
DC V 600mV/6/60/600V (Auto-ranging)
Ω 600Ω/6/60/600kΩ/6/60MΩ (Auto-ranging)
±1%rdg±5dgt (600 – 6M) / ±5%rdg±8dgt (60M)
Continuity buzzer Buzzer Sounds at 100Ω
Frequency/DUTY 10/100Hz/1/10kHz (Auto-ranging) / 0.1 – 99.9%
Conductor size Ø40mm
Safety Standard IEC 61010-1 CAT IV 600V
IEC 61010-031
IEC 61010-2-032
IEC 61326
Power source R03 (1.5V) (AAA) × 2
Dimensions 254(L) × 82(W) × 36(D)mm
Weight Approx. 310g
Accessories 7066A (Test leads)
9094 (Carrying case)
Instruction Manual