PCE-3000ULS Universal Hardness Tester ( UCI+ Leeb)

The universal hardness tester enables express hardness testing of structural and carbon steels, welds, electroplated coatings, overlays, and heat, corrosion, and stainless steels, as well as hardness measurement of hardened surfaces and thin-walled hardened parts, even in difficult-to-reach locations and at any angle.

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PCE-3000ULS Universal Hardness Tester ( UCI+ Leeb)

There is a tool for testing hardness called the “Universal Hardness Tester”(PCE-3000ULS). It is used to determine the hardness of various materials by using different methods such as the Rockwell, Vickers, and Brunel hardness testers.

product overview

Use the hardness tester to evaluate component hardness. It measures Vickers, Brinell, and Rockwell hardness, plus steel tensile strength up to 1740 MPa. It’s easy to use and can withstand temperatures as low as -20°C. Comes with a manual test probe for

The benefits of two techniques, Dynamic Rebound (Leeb) and Ultrasonic Contact Impedance (UCI), are combined in the universal hardness tester PCE-3000ULS. This enables the user to complete virtually any task involving field hardness testing.

More than 500 hardness scales may be created and stored with the PCE-3000ULS, and the user can check the history of all data after testing. Steel is the default calibration for the UCI probe. The pre-calibrated materials for the Leeb probe include steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass, and copper.

Users can generate and adjust extra calibrations for soft and hard materials.

function PCE-3000ULS Universal Hardness Tester ( UCI+ Leeb)

This tool is a universal tool for non-destructive metal hardness testing since it contains all the features for dealing with materials and scales.
A user-defined hardness scale may be created using the one-point calibration and a sample with known hardness. Due to this benefit, the hardness tester may be calibrated by the user to be as exact as possible and come close to matching a stationary hardness tester’s accuracy. Additionally, it enables the user to rapidly and accurately gauge the hardness of a sizable batch of items.

PCE-3000ULS Universal Hardness Tester ( UCI+ Leeb) features

  • has a large color display and a strong backlight.
  • Reliable performance under challenging climate conditions.
  • Wider temperature range (freeze-proof to -20 °C).
  • The instrument is built in a dust-proof casing for long-term use in field and workshop settings.
  • Rubber buffers keep the device functioning while protecting it from unintentional shocks or crashes from heights of up to 5 m.
  • 2 detachable probes: dynamic rebound (Leeb) and ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI).
  • In the case of a fault, it is possible to quickly replace the sensor thanks to the storing of the calibration in the UCI probe’s memory without having to send the device back to the manufacturer for factory calibration.
  • It is possible to configure the sensitivity coefficient and modify the probe’s signal processing for expert work to obtain maximum accuracy.

PCE-3000ULS Universal Hardness Tester ( UCI+ Leeb) specifications

  • Working temperature: – 20 … +45 °С
  • Display: LCD TFT 3.5” ( 320×480 )
  • Language: English, Ukrainian, Russian
  • PC connection: USB
  • Power supply: Battery
  • Operating hours: approx. 9h
  • Dimensions: 150 × 70 × 45 mm
  • Weight: 300 g
  • Measuring range Rockwell: 20 – 70 HRC   Accuracy: 2 HRC
  • Measuring range Brinell: 30 – 650 HB Accuracy: 10 HB in range – 90-180 HB
    15 HB in range – 180-250 HB
    20 HB in range – 250-460 HB
  • Measuring range Vickers: 230 – 940 HV Accuracy: 15 HV -in range 240-500 HV
    20 HV – in range 500-800 HV
    25 HV – in range 800-940 HV
  • Standards: ASTM A1038, ASTM A956
  • Indenter: UCI Sensor – Diamond indenter  Leeb Sensor – Hardened Ball
  • Materials Ultrasonic sensor (UCI): 1 pre-calibrated for steel
    2 Dynamic (Leeb) with pre-calibration for steel
    3 alloy steel
    4 cast iron
    5 stainless steel
    6 aluminium
    7 bronze
    8 brass
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