PCE-893 Thermometer

Delivery content PCE-893 Thermometer:

  • 1 x thermometer PCE-893.
  • 1 thermo-elements of the K type.
  • a single little tripod.
  • a USB cord, one.
  • one 9-volt battery.
  • 1 user guide.
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PCE-893 Thermometer

An instrument called a thermometer is used to gauge an object’s or environment’s temperature. Different sizes, forms, and manufacturing processes are used to create thermometers.

product overview

The best thermometer for getting simple temperature readings is the PCE-893. Given that the thermometer regulates the emissivity level, you can measure the temperature on almost any surface. The dual laser beam, which displays the measuring spot, greatly simplifies the user’s task. The PCE-893 thermometer’s display is backlit. Along with defining the emissivity values, the user can define alert limit values for the entire thermometer’s range. The range of temperatures is -50 to 1200 C. The optics of the thermometer have a distance-to-measurement point ratio of 50:1.

The thermometer not only measures temperature using infrared but also allows you to connect several K-type thermoelements. You can measure temperatures up to 1370 C with this method. The software and USB data cord that come with the thermometer delivery allow the user to store and analyze the data in table and graph form.

PCE-893 Thermometer features

  • Two laser beams.
  • Modification of the emissivity’s level.
  • LCD screen with backlight.
  • Transferring data to the PC.
  • Measurement of temperature without touch.
  • 50:1 infrared optics.
  • 1200 °C is the infrared temperature range.
  • The ability to link thermo-elements of type K.

PCE-893 Thermometer specifications

  • Measuring range:-50 … 1370 °C
  • Resolution:0.1 for values ​​below 1000 ºC
    1 for values ​​above 1000 ºC
  • Accuracy:±2.5°C (-50 … 0°C)
    ±0.5% ±1.5°C (0 … 1370°C)
  • Optics (distance-measuring point ratio):50:1
  • Response time:150ms
  • Spectral range:8 … 14 µm
  • Emissivity degrees:Adjustable, 0.10 … 1.0
  • Exceeding:Display shows: “—-“
  • Screen:Backlit LCD
  • output power: <1mW
  • Wave length: 630 … 670nm
  • Classification: Class 2
  • Feed: 1 x 9V battery
  • Working conditions: 0 … +50 °C
  • Storage conditions: -10 … +60 °C
  • Weight: Approximately 282g without battery
  • Dimensions:200 x 55 x 150mm
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