PCE-MIR 10 Digital Thermometer

The PCE-MIR 10 digital thermometer measures temperatures between -50 and +500 °C, which is a broad range of temperatures.

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PCE-MIR 10 Digital Thermometer

A temperature sensor(PCE-MIR 10 )is used by a digital thermometer, a temperature measurement instrument, to take an extremely accurate temperature reading of the surrounding air. This gadget is utilized in a variety of industries, including the medical, food, industrial, and home, and it can also show the temperature of the human body, liquids, and solids.

product overview

A wide range of temperatures, from -50 to +500 °C, are measured by the PCE-MIR 10 digital thermometer. The accuracy of the digital thermometer, which is 2% 2 °C at 20…500 °C, makes it a very precise measurement device. The digital thermometer comes with a laser pointer to aid in measuring spot alignment. This laser’s output power on the digital thermometer is roughly 1 mW. The emission value on the digital thermometer is set at 0.95.

function PCE-MIR 10 Digital Thermometer

Selecting the unit of measurement:The user must choose the unit of measurement before beginning to measure the temperature. Some digital thermometers have the ability to display the outside temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.
Temperature measurement: The user must push the measurement button on the gadget and wait for it to measure the environment’s temperature after placing the sensor there. Some gadgets monitor the ambient temperature fast and display the findings in under a minute.

PCE-MIR 10 Digital Thermometer features

  • Temperature range of -50 to 500 °C.
  •  an automated shut-off.
  • the local operational area.
  • A 12:1 measuring ratio.
  • The Max/Min function.
  • if desired, an ISO calibration certificate.

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The PCE-T 330 serves as a comparable alternative to the PCE-MIR 10, offering similar features and functionalities while catering to specific user preferences and requirements.

PCE-MIR 10 Digital Thermometer specifications

Measuring range -50 … +500 °C / -58 … +932 °F
Resolution 0,1 °C / 0,1 °F
Accuracy ±3 °C / 5,4 °F bei -50 … +20 °C / -58 … +68 °F
±2 % ±2 °C / 3,6 °F bei 20 … 500 °C / 68 … 932 °F
Repeatability ±1 °C / ±1,8 °F
Spot ratio 12:01
Emission value 0,95 fixed
Measuring rate 2 Hz
Spectral range 8 … 14 µm
Overload indicator „ – – – – „
Laser output power: <1 mW; wavelength: 630 … 670 mm;
Laser class: 2
Power supply 9 V block battery
Operating conditions 00 … 50 °C / 32 … 122 °F, <90 % r. h.
Storage conditions -10 … 60 °C / 14 … 140 °F, <80 % r. h.
Dimensions 175 x 75 x 35 mm
Weight 132 g
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