PCE-MO 2002 Milliohm Meter

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PCE-MO 2002 Milliohm Meter

The PCE-MO 2002 Milliohm Meter is specifically designed for precise resistance measurement, commonly used in industrial applications such as testing the resistance of motor coils, transformer windings, and grounding systems. The MO 2002 is a robust and reliable tool for anyone needing to perform detailed and accurate resistance measurements in complex systems.

PCE-MO 2002 Key Features

  • Measurement system with four conductors with alligator clips
  • Selection of 5 measurement ranges
  • 3 test currents with overheat fuse
  • Surge fuse in measurement inputs.
  • Big LCD display
  • Elimination of the measurement resistance in conducts.
  • Auto-Hold and Auto-Off function
  • LED indication when the Rp, Rc and temperature permitted values are exceeded.
  • Light weight, solid and compact
  • Waterproof housing with ring seal
  • Security: IEC-1010-1; CAT IV 20 V

more information

more information

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PCE-MO 2002 Specifications

Technical Specifications
Measurement ranges 0 … 200 mΩ / 100 μΩ
0 … 2000 mΩ / 1 mΩ
0 … 20 Ω / 10 mΩ
0 … 200 Ω / 100 mΩ
0 … 2000 Ω / 1 Ω
Accuracy ± 0.5 % of the measurement value, ± 2 digits along the entire range of the operating temperature: -15 … +55 °C (in measurements with the attached testing cables)
Test current 1 mA (range of 2000 Ω)
10 mA (range of 200/20 Ω)
100 mA (range of 2000 m Ω/ 200 mΩ)
Test current accuracy ± 0.1 %
Max. output voltage (C1-C2)  20 V
Power 8 x 1.5 V (AA) batteries
Dimensions 250 x 190 x 110 mm
Weight 1.5 kg
Standard IEC-1010-1; CAT IV 20 V
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