PCE-T 330 Dual Channel Thermometer/ Logger

The PCE-T 330 Digital thermometer can accurately depict these quick temperature changes because to its high accuracy and 0.01 °C precision.

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PCE-T 330 Dual Channel Thermometer/ Logger

A form of thermometer called a digital thermometer employs digital technology to gauge the ambient temperature.

product overview

There are two measurement inputs on the digital thermometer. Thermocouples of type K, T, and J can be attached to each of the thermometer’s measurement inputs. The thermometer displays quick temperature changes at a 2 Hz measurement rate. The thermometer can accurately depict these quick temperature changes because to its high accuracy and 0.01 °C precision.

PCE-T 330 Digital Thermometer

This device’s purpose is to accurately detect the ambient temperature using a temperature sensor before digitally displaying the result. The ambient temperature can be shown on certain digital thermometers in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

To purchase the  PCE-T 330  be in touch with our experts. We offer various models of PCE on our website which you can compare from different sides and choose the best one for your requirement.

PCE-T 330 Digital Thermometer features

  • A temperature data recorder with two channels.
  • For type K, T, and J thermocouples.
  • Extended battery life.
  • 20,000 measurement point data storage.
  • TXT, CSV, XLS, and DLG file formats.
  • A rubberized shell for protection.

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PCE-T 330 Digital Thermometer specifications

Temperature Sensor     Measuring range  Resolution   
Type K -200 … 1370 °C / -328 … +2498 °F    0.01 °C
Type T -200 … 400 °C / -328 … 752 °F    0.01 °C
Type J -200 … 1200 °C / -328 … 2192 °F    0.01 °C
Units °C / °F
Number of channels 2
Measuring rate 2 Hz
Data storage 15,328 kB for 20,000 data points
File formats TXT, CSV, XLS, DLG
Storage interval 1 …. 86,399 s
Interface Micro-USB
Power supply 3 x 1.2 V AAA rechargeable batteries
3 x 1.5 V AAA batteries
Battery life ca. 190 hours
(without backlight, battery capacity
1200 mAh, ambient temperature 25 °C)
Operating conditions -10 … 50 °C / 14 … 122 °F
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