TESTO 440 Indoor Comfort ComboKit With Bluetooth

TESTO 440 Indoor Comfort ComboKit With Bluetooth Key Features:

  • Intuitive: clearly structured measurement menu for long-term measurement and parallel determination of CO₂ concentration, humidity, air temperature and degree of turbulence in workplaces
  • Precise: calculation of wet bulb temperature, dew point and absolute humidity – determination of the degree of turbulence and draught risk according to EN ISO 7730 / ASHRAE 55
  • Convenient: wireless probe, internal data storage and USB port for data export
  • As multifaceted as your challenges themselves: the air velocity and IAQ measuring instrument can be expanded with a large portfolio of digital probes
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TESTO 440 Indoor Comfort ComboKit With Bluetooth

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The TESTO 440 interior Comfort ComboKit with Bluetooth is a multi-purpose measurement tool used to test interior environmental factors for comfort and safety. This ComboKit has a number of components that work together to deliver precise and complete data on indoor air quality and climate parameters. The Bluetooth connectivity capability facilitates data sharing and analysis.
The case contains the testo 440 air velocity and IAQ measurement device, the CO2 probe with Bluetooth®, a temperature and humidity sensor, and the turbulence probe.

TESTO 440 overview

Measurement Device (TESTO 440): The TESTO 440 handheld measuring equipment is the heart of the ComboKit. It functions as the main control unit as well as the display screen for numerous measuring probes. The device has a simple interface and a clear display for real-time data readings.

Bluetooth connectivity is provided via the ComboKit, allowing wireless connection between the measurement device and external devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Remote monitoring, data processing, and reporting are now possible.

Probe Variety: The ComboKit normally includes a variety of replaceable probes for measuring various indoor factors. Temperature, humidity, air velocity, CO2 concentration, and other parameters may be measured using these probes. To meet specific measurement requirements, the instrument can accept a variety of plug-and-play probes.

Key Features of the TESTO 440

Data Logging and Analysis: Because the TESTO 440 Indoor Comfort ComboKit may often log measurement data over time, users can track changes and trends in indoor environmental conditions. Using Bluetooth connectivity, the collected data may be downloaded and analysed on compatible devices.

Indoor Comfort Assessment: The ComboKit is intended to measure characteristics such as temperature, humidity, and air quality to assess indoor comfort levels. This data contributes to making indoor spaces more comfortable and favourable to occupant well-being.

The TESTO 440 Indoor Comfort ComboKit is utilised in a variety of industries and situations, including commercial buildings, residential spaces, offices, schools, and healthcare institutions, among others. It aids in the maintenance of appropriate indoor conditions and the identification of potential problems.

TESTO 440 Indoor Comfort ComboKit With Bluetooth Specifications:

  • testo 440 air velocity and IAQ measuring instrument, 3 x AA batteries, USB cable and calibration protocol (0560 4401)
  • CO2 probe* with Bluetooth®, including temperature and humidity sensor (consisting of CO2 probe head and Bluetooth® handle); 4 x AA batteries, table stand and calibration protocol (0632 1551)
  • Turbulence probe with fixed cable (cable length 1.4 m) and calibration protocol (0628 0152)
  • Combi-case for testo 440 and multiple probes (0516 4401)
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