testo 540 light meter

testo lux meter 540 Key Features:

  • For quick ‘n easy measurements in the workplace
  • The sensor is modeled on the spectral sensitivity of the human eye
  • Hold function, min/max values
  • Protective cap for safe storage
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light meter testo 540

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The Testo 540 light meter is a quick and easy-to-use entry-level model designed that can be used to measure both artificial and natural light and provides you with a quick and easy means of measuring lighting conditions in the workplace.

testo 540 lux meter compact

This compact, smooth-to-apply meter has some beneficial capabilities and features, which include a large, smooth-to-study display, min/max values, a keep function, and a defensive cap for secure storage.

540 light meter 0100000 lux

The testo- 540 lux meter is a pocket-sized access stage version designed particularly for sporting out spot tests withinside the workplace, stores, and offices. The mild sensor is modeled at the spectral sensitivity of the human eye and is good for measuring lighting fixtures situations in loads of one-of-a-kind workplaces.

testo 540 light meter 0100000

How accurate is the testo 540 lux meter?

The Testo540 Pocket Lux Meter measures artificial and natural light from 0 to 99999 Lux and has an accuracy of ±3 Lux or 3% and a resolution of 1 to 10 Lux. The measurement range is based on the spectral sensitivity of the human eye which makes it ideal for measuring light levels in workplaces, shops, and offices.

testo 540 lux meter manual

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540 lux meter Specifications:

  • Measuring range: 0 to 99999 Lux
  • Accuracy: ±3 Lux or ±3 %
  • Resolution: 1 Lux (0 to 19999 Lux)
  • Battery type: 2 AAA micro batteries
  • Dimensions: 133 x 46 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 95 g (incl. batteries and protective cap)
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Data Sheet

Data Sheet


Technical Specifications

Category Specification
Light Measuring range: 0 to 99999 Lux, 0 to 9300 ftc
Accuracy: ±3 Lux or ±3 % (compared to reference instrument at 90° light irradiation)
Resolution: 1 Lux (0 to 19999 Lux), 10 Lux (Remaining Range)
Measuring rate: 0.5 s
General Technical Data Weight: 95 g (incl. batteries and protective cap)
Dimensions: 133 x 46 x 25 mm
Operating temperature: 0 to +50 °C
Protection class: IP40
Battery type: 2 AAA micro batteries
Battery life: 200 h (average, without display illumination)
Storage temperature: -40 to +70 °C