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Many components in smartphones, vehicles, and coffee makers were created utilizing SIMATIC controllers. They are the engine that drives our machinery and industries. Of course, their effectiveness and wide range of potential uses are among the factors that make them among the most popular controllers for industrial automation.

There are also innumerable SIMATIC users and PLC programmers who push the boundaries of what is possible with imagination and innovation.SIMATIC controllers are continually adding new functionalities to increase their capabilities. They are also an essential component of vertical OT/IT integration with IT mechanisms.

Whether you need compact controller solutions with integrated functions, powerful controllers for the toughest demands, or controllers for distributed architectures or PC-based automation systems: our SIMATIC controller portfolio has the right PLC for your requirements.

Basic Controller Features

  • Best care for plants in hydroponic beds
  • Reducing footprint and power costs
  • Robust and reliable technology for charging points
  • Safety and reliability in the tunnel