Humidity/Moisture Meter

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Fully Automatic Infrared Moisture Analyzer sartorius MA 160

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FLIR MR176 IGM Moisture Meter with Replaceable Hygrometer

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FLIR MR77 Moisture Meter with METERLiNK

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The humidity meter and moisture meter category includes a variety of portable devices used to gauge and track the levels of humidity in various materials, settings, and substances. Construction, agriculture, woodworking, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and environmental monitoring are just a few of the industries that depend on these meters.

Humidity meter and moisture meters offer useful information about moisture levels, assisting professionals in making judgments about the quality of materials, drying procedures, indoor air quality, and other issues.

Capacitance, resistance, or infrared sensors are just a few of the different measurement methods that humidity/moisture meters use to precisely determine the moisture content or relative humidity. They can provide quick and accurate moisture measurements for a variety of applications and materials and are made to be portable and simple to use.

Features of Humidity/Moisture Meters

  • Moisture Content Measurement
  • Relative Humidity Measurement
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Multiple Measurement Modes
  • Measurement Range and Accuracy

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