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One of the issues that is always present in human life is checking the environmental Temperature / Humidity. These two factors of human life are essential, therefore, equipment and devices are provided to measure, check and analyze the amount of coldness and humidity.

In the category of temperature measurement and environment control equipment, we can mention things such as: thermometers, hygrometers, data loggers, calibrators, thermal cameras, etc.

Among the most famous and popular of this type of equipments, we can refer to the thermometers and hygrometers of the Testo. Which is one of the best in the field of environmental control equipment production.

One of the best-selling products of this global brand is the Testo temperature datalogger 175t1, which is one of the most unrivaled products in the world market. Testo 175t1 is very widely used for purposes such as collecting temperature data in cold stores and refrigerators for transporting food.

MME Trading is one the Testo’s representative in middle east, and as a customer you’ll be able to order all kinds of these products of all kinds of brands such as: Testo, Extech, Flir, … so easily from this site.