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PCE-TUM 50 Turbidity Meter

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AED 4,532 (excl.VAT)

PCE-TUM 100 Turbidity Meter

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AED 3,980 (excl.VAT)

PCE-RVI 1 Viscosity Meter

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AED 3,936 (excl.VAT)

Extech DO700 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

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Original price was: AED 3,615.Current price is: AED 3,367. (excl.VAT)

Chauvin Arnoux CA 10141 Handheld Conductivity Meter

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Original price was: AED 3,600.Current price is: AED 3,240. (excl.VAT)

Extech TB400 Portable Turbidity Meter

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Original price was: AED 2,750.Current price is: AED 2,560. (excl.VAT)

Chauvin Arnoux CA10101 Portable pHMeter

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Original price was: AED 2,655.Current price is: AED 2,460. (excl.VAT)

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One of the most important parameters in water treatment plants and laboratories is the measurement and detection of water quality. Water quality meters underwent many changes over time until they reached the best and most accurate model. Over time, many devices have been designed and produced to measure water quality, which is unique and very professional. The amount of water quality is checked and measured by different devices, which can be mentioned as Ph/ORP Meters, Dissolved Oxygen Meters, Chlorine/Fluoride Meters, and Refractometers. For example, the Ph meter can measure the acidity and alkalinity of water. Testo 206PH1 is one of the best-selling Ph meters available in the market, which is offered to the world market by the famous Testo brand.