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Coltraco Portalevel Max Plus Liquid Level Indicator

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For physical characteristics like pressure, temperature, level, flow, or pH to be sent and analyzed by control systems and monitoring devices, they must be converted into standardized electrical signals via transmitters, which are essential parts of process control systems. They guarantee precise and trustworthy measurement, enabling effective operation and process optimization in industrial settings.

You can find a variety of transmitter types in our Transmitters category, each designed to meet certain measuring needs. We provide a wide selection to meet your demands, whether you require pressure transmitters, temperature transmitters, level transmitters, flow transmitters, or other specialized transmitters.

At MME company, we recognize how crucial it is to choose the ideal transmitter for your particular application. It is necessary to take into account variables like measurement range, accuracy requirements, environmental conditions, and communication protocols. Our skilled staff is prepared to help you select the most appropriate transmitter.

Features of Transmitters

  • Accurate Measurement
  • Wide Range of Measurement
  • Signal Conversion
  • Intelligent Capabilities
  • Easy Installation and Configuration

Types of Transmitters

  • Level transmitter
  • PH transmitter
  • Pressure transmitter
  • Temperature transmitter
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