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EXTECH SDL470 UVA/UVC Light Meter Datalogger

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EXTECH SDL400 Light Meter Datalogger

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Light or Lux meters are used to gauge the amount of light present in a certain space. These meters are used to measure a light source’s brightness in industrial and commercial settings, gardening, photography, filmmaking, and other fields.

The Role of Lux Meters in Optimal Lighting

Visual perception, temperature, and even productivity are all impacted by the lighting in a particular area. For some occupations or activities, too much or too little light might be harmful. A lux meter is the ideal instrument for adjusting the lighting in circumstances where the brightness level is important.

You can precisely control light levels by using lux meters, which measure lighting in lux (or lumens per square meter). A sensor that collects light and transforms it into an electric signal is included inside the meter. Lux units are used to measure and show the signal on the screen.

Versatility and Applications of Light Meters

Light meters can be purchased as standalone gadgets or integrated into cameras and smartphones. Some portable variants offer additional flexibility for measuring in challenging to reach places thanks to an adjustable sensor head that can be connected to a probe. You have the opportunity to be economically efficient by using the probe to attach to a remote reader.

Light meters are used in many fields than only photography and filmmaking. Light meters are used in horticulture to monitor how much light plants are exposed to. It offers a regulated atmosphere that encourages development and helps gardeners to establish the optimal quantity and duration of light required for plant growth.

Light meters are crucial in fields like architecture and interior design for evaluating the proper lighting level by measuring light transmission, reflection, or efficiency of existing lighting.

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