Fluke 820-2 LED Stroboscope

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PCE-LES 103UV-365 UV-Stroboscope

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PCE-LES 103UV-385 UV-Stroboscope

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PCE-DSX 100 Portable LED Stroboscope

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SPM Stroboscope 18432

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A stroboscope is a tool that emits brief, strong light bursts that give the appearance of slow or halted motion. The stroboscope is now a common instrument in many different branches of science and technology. It was first used in medicine to examine vocal cord activity and identify specific diseases.

In real life, a stroboscope operates by illuminating a moving object with a bright, flashing light. The light bursts happen at regular intervals and are timed to the object’s motion. This gives the impression that the object is either stationary or moving very slowly, as though it were frozen in time.
Stroboscopes are frequently used to examine and troubleshoot machinery in a variety of sectors, balance and align engines and other mechanical equipment, and tune musical instruments. Stroboscopes are frequently utilized in the entertainment industry to produce eye-catching visual effects during lighting effects for dance and concert events.

Stroboscopes have shown to be tremendously valuable instruments, but if not utilized appropriately, they may also be dangerous. In especially in those with a history of epilepsy or other neurological conditions, protracted exposure to strobe lights might result in seizures or other negative consequences. So, it’s crucial to operate stroboscopes safely and in accordance with suggested rules.

For instance Fluke 820-2 LED is a stroboscope that have many features and is one of the most popular stroboscopes made by Fluke corporation. MME can provide all kinds of stroboscopes from all brands.