Chlorine/Fluoride Meters

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Extech EX900 4-in-1 Chlorine, pH, ORP & Temperature Kit

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Extech CL200 ExStik Chlorine Meter

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The chlorine meter and fluoride meters category comprises a range of specialized instruments used for the accurate measurement and monitoring of chlorine and fluoride levels in water and other liquid samples. These meters are essential in various industries and applications where maintaining proper chlorine and fluoride concentrations is critical for water treatment, public health, pool and spa maintenance, and industrial processes.

Fluoride and chlorine are often used chemicals for purifying and disinfecting water. Fluoride is added to drinking water to support oral health while chlorine effectively kills dangerous germs and pathogens. Chlorine and fluoride meters offer a dependable way to measure these compounds’ concentrations, guarantee regulatory compliance, and uphold safe water standards.

Chlorine/fluoride meters accurately measure free chlorine, total chlorine, or both in water samples. These meters utilize different measurement techniques, such as colorimetric methods or amperometric sensors, to quantify chlorine levels. The measurements can be displayed in various units, such as parts per million (ppm) or milligrams per liter (mg/L).

Features of Chlorine/Fluoride Meters

  • Chlorine Measurement
  • Fluoride Measurement
  • Multiple Measurement Modes
  • Range and Resolution
  • Automatic Calibration