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PCE-PST 1 Adhesion Tester

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Tekneka 760 Coating Thickness Gauge

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Coating Thickness Tester with Bluetooth Extech CG304

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Extech CG204 Layer Thickness Gauge 0 – 1250 µm

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An instrument called a coating thickness gauge is used to gauge the thickness of surface coatings like paint, varnish, or powder coating. This equipment is essential in sectors including construction, aircraft, and the automobile industry where coating quality and consistency are crucial.

Importance of Coating Thickness Measurement

The purpose of measuring coating thickness is to ensure that the applied coating meets specific quality requirements and to monitor the integrity and performance of the coating. The gauge provides valuable information about the thickness of the coating, which is essential for quality control, process optimization, and compliance with industry standards.

Operators can quickly ascertain a coating’s thickness using coating thickness gauges and make sure it meets the necessary requirements. This aids in avoiding coating failures, which can be costly to repair and pose a safety risk. The gauge is helpful for making sure that coatings offer the required defense against corrosion or other types of damage.

The coating thickness gauge may have extra features like automatic substrate detection, data storage and transfer, and statistical analysis, depending on the kind and model. These characteristics can aid in improving measuring efficiency and accuracy while lowering errors.

using a coating thickness gauge is crucial to guaranteeing the consistency and quality of coatings in a variety of industries. The gauge helps to ensure that coatings satisfy the requirements and offer the expected protection and aesthetics by providing quick and precise measurements.

Types of Coating Thickness Gauges

There are several types of coating thickness gauges available, each with its own method of measurement. Here are some commonly used types:

magnetic pull off coating thickness gauge

These gauges use the principle of magnetic induction to measure the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on ferrous (magnetic) substrates. They generate a magnetic field that induces an electrical current in the substrate, and the measured current is used to determine the coating thickness.

Eddy Current Gauges

Eddy current gauges are used to measure the thickness of non-conductive coatings on non-ferrous (non-magnetic) substrates. They operate based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, where a high-frequency alternating current is passed through a probe coil, creating an electromagnetic field that interacts with the coating and generates eddy currents. The gauge measures the changes in the eddy currents to determine the coating thickness.

Ultrasonic Gauges

Ultrasonic coating thickness gauges use sound waves to measure coating thickness. They emit high-frequency sound pulses that travel through the coating and reflect back from the substrate. The gauge measures the time taken for the sound waves to travel back and calculates the coating thickness based on the known speed of sound in the substrate material.

mechanical coating thickness gauge

The mechanical coating gauge is a simple and reliable instrument used to measure coating thickness. It works using a spring-loaded probe and a calibrated scale or dials. It is economical, durable, and suitable for thicker coatings. However, it may have limitations with thin coatings or uneven surfaces. Regular calibration is essential for accuracy. Contact us to discover the range of mechanical coating gauges to suit your needs.

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As a reputable supplier of high-quality coating thickness gauges, including MME-AE products, we take pride in offering top-notch solutions for your powder coating needs.

Our range of coating thickness gauges is designed to deliver accurate and reliable measurements, ensuring precise control over coating thickness. We understand the importance of maintaining consistent quality in powder coating applications, and that’s why we prioritize offering gauges known for their precision and durability.

When it comes to MME-AE coating thickness gauges, you can trust in their reputation for excellence. MME-AE is a respected brand known for manufacturing reliable and advanced measurement instruments. By partnering with us as your supplier, you gain access to a wide selection of MME-AE gauges that meet the highest quality standards.

Whether you require handheld gauges for on-site measurements or benchtop models for laboratory applications, we have the right solution for you. Our experienced team can guide you in selecting the most suitable coating thickness gauge based on your specific requirements and provide comprehensive support throughout the process.

When it comes to coating thickness gauges, we understand the importance of accuracy and reliability. That’s why we only source gauges from reputable manufacturers, ensuring that our customers receive high-quality instruments they can rely on for their powder coating operations.

Contact us today to discuss your coating thickness gauge needs, including MME-AE options. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality gauges and exceptional service to enhance your powder coating processes.

thickness gauge products

For example, Megger Tinsley Gauge is one of the most popular coating thickness gauges. MME trading as a supplier can provide all kinds of coating thickness gauge from different brands like Megger.