CEM DT-157H Coating Thickness Tester

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CEM DT-157H Coating Thickness Tester

The CEM DT-157H is a coating thickness tester used for measuring the thickness of non-magnetic coatings on magnetic substrates (like paint or zinc on steel) and non-conductive coatings on non-magnetic metals (like paint or anodizing on aluminum). It typically employs electromagnetic induction and eddy current principles to measure thickness.

The device is portable and commonly used in fields such as manufacturing, quality control, and corrosion protection. It provides a straightforward way for professionals to ensure that coatings meet specified requirements for thickness, which is crucial for both the performance and longevity of the material underneath.

CEM DT-157H Key Features

  • Non-magnetic coatings (e.g. paint, zinc) on steel
  • Insulating coatings (e.g. paint) on no-ferrous metals
  • No-ferrous metals coatings on insulating substrates
  • Menu operation system
  • Two working modes: DIRECT and GROUP mode
  • Statistic Display: AVG, MAX, MIN, NO., S.DEV
  • One point calibration, two points calibration and basic calibration easily
  • Delete single readings and all group readings easily
  • Low battery, error indication
  • Memory for 2500 readings (50 GROUP readings)
  • 4 levels of battery indication
  • Error indication
  • Bluetooth interface
  • Easily adapt to lighting conditions with 8 levels of backlight

CEM DT-157H Specifications

Sensor probeFN
Working principlemagnetic inductionEddy current principle
Measuring range0~2000um0~2000um
Guaranteed tolerance (of reading)(+/- 2%+2)um(+/- 2%+2)um
Repeatability(+/- 1%+1)um(+/- 1%+1)um
Low range Precision0.1um0.1um
Minimum curvature radius1.5mm3mm
Diameter of Minimum area7mm5mm
Basic critical thickness0.5mm0.3mm
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CEM Corporation Overview

CEM Corporation, founded in 1978, is renowned for its pioneering contributions to scientific instrumentation with a focus on microwave-based technology for laboratory and research applications. The founders—Dr. Michael J. Collins (Chemist), Ronald Goetchius (Electrical Engineer), and Bill Cruse Jr. (Mechanical Engineer)—launched the company with a novel concept for microwave drying that significantly expedited moisture and solids analysis processes from hours down to minutes, which was a groundbreaking improvement at the time.

Product Innovation and Evolution

Over the years, CEM Corporation has expanded its product offerings beyond its original microwave moisture/solids analysis systems. Their portfolio now includes systems for:
  • Acid digestion for elemental analysis
  • Compositional testing of food products
  • Peptide and chemical synthesis
The company's dedication to innovation is reflected in their development of a diverse range of instruments suited for various applications from academic research to industrial quality control.
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