Differential Pressure Gauge

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TESTO 312-4 High pressure set

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TESTO 521-1 differential pressure measuring instrument 0.2 % of f.v.

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Monitoring differential pressure (∆p) is critical in a wide variety of production processes. Often, two standard pressure gauges are used when a differential pressure gauge can indicate the difference in pressure with a single instrument. Measurement of pressure is essential wherever small differences in pressure can have a significant effect, such as monitoring pressure drop across filters, strainers, separators, valves, and pumps, displaying liquid levels in tanks, detecting system leaks, and measuring liquid flow.
A differential pressure gauge measures and visually indicates the difference between two pressure points within a process system. The differential pressure gauge has two inlet ports that are connected to the pressure points being monitored.
Pressure Differential Gauges are made by many different brands but the famous one is Testo. As the most popular product, we can mention Testo 512 liquid differential pressure gauge which can measure 0 to +20 hPa. MME Trading can supply all kinds of high-pressure differential pressure gauge instruments from various brands e.g. Testo.