Total Station

A total station is a cutting-edge surveying tool used in mapping, construction, engineering, and land surveying. It combines into a single integrated unit the functions of a theodolite, an electronic distance measuring (EDM) tool, and a data collector. Angles, distances, and coordinates may be measured on the field with accuracy and efficiency thanks to total stations.

To measure horizontal and vertical angles with high accuracy, total stations use sophisticated electronic theodolites. These measurements are necessary for mapping the terrain and determining the spatial relationships between various sites.

In conclusion, total stations are sophisticated surveying tools that combine the ability to measure angles, measure distances, gather data, and calculate coordinates. Total stations have developed into indispensable instruments for professionals in a variety of businesses engaged in land surveying, construction, and spatial data collection due to their accuracy, efficiency, and capacity to streamline surveying procedures.

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Features of total station

  • Angle Measurement
  • Distance Measurement
  • Data Collection
  • Coordinate Calculation
  • Integration with Surveying Software


  • Land Surveying
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Monitoring and Deformation Analysis
  • Mining and Quarrying