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Fluke 789 ProcessMeter™

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Original price was: AED 5,100.Current price is: AED 4,900. (excl.VAT)

Fluke 88V Deluxe Automotive Multimeter

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Original price was: AED 4,800.Current price is: AED 4,500. (excl.VAT)

Fluke 279 FC True-rms Thermal Multimeter

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Original price was: AED 4,800.Current price is: AED 4,500. (excl.VAT)

Fluke 27 II Rugged IP67 Digital Multimeter

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AED 3,700 (excl.VAT)

Fluke 289 FlukeView Forms (FVF) Combo Kit

In stock

Original price was: AED 3,700.Current price is: AED 3,400. (excl.VAT)

Fluke 289 TRMS Epic Logging Multimeter with TrendCapture

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Original price was: AED 4,950.Current price is: AED 3,100. (excl.VAT)

flir dm285 industrial imaging multimeter with igm

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Fluke 1587 FC Insulation Multimeter

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Original price was: AED 3,330.Current price is: AED 3,000. (excl.VAT)

FLUKE 287 True-RMS Electronics Logging Multimeter

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Original price was: AED 2,900.Current price is: AED 2,730. (excl.VAT)

Fluke 28 II TRMS Digital Multimeter

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Original price was: AED 3,100.Current price is: AED 2,500. (excl.VAT)

FLUKE 87V MAX Epic True-rms Digital Multimeter

In stock

Original price was: AED 2,800.Current price is: AED 2,450. (excl.VAT)

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Fluke Multimeter: The Ultimate Tool for Electrical Testing

MOHAMMAD MAHDI Electronics Trading LLC multimeters

A Fluke Multimeter is often the first choice for professionals regarding precision, durability, and reliability in electrical testing. These digital multimeters serve a wide range of functions, from voltage measurement to complex diagnostics in various settings, including automotive, HVAC, and general electrical maintenance. This article will explore the features, benefits, and different Fluke Multimeter models, helping you understand why they are considered the best in their class.

Understanding Fluke Multimeters

Fluke multimeters, Fluke digital multimeters, or Fluke DMMs, are advanced measuring instruments that combine several measurement functions in one unit. These include measuring voltage, current, resistance, and often much more, making them indispensable in the toolkit of every electrician and technician.

Fluke Multimeter Price and Value

The Fluke multimeter price varies depending on the model and its capabilities. While some might consider the Fluke multimeter price in the UAE to be higher than average, the value comes from their unmatched accuracy, reliability, and durability. Investing in a Fluke multimeter means investing in a tool that will last and perform accurately over many years, even in the most challenging environments.

Models and Features

Fluke Digital Multimeter: The backbone of the Fluke line, these multimeters offer incredible accuracy and the ability to measure a wide range of electrical parameters. They are known for their ease of use and clear digital displays.

Fluke Clamp Multimeter: Combining the functionality of a standard digital multimeter from Fluke with a clamp meter, these devices allow for easy current measurement without needing to break the circuit. They are beneficial for high-current measurements.

Fluke HVAC Meter: Specially designed for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals, these multimeters include features tailored explicitly for HVAC applications, such as temperature measurements and microamp readings for flame sensor troubleshooting.

Fluke Automotive Multimeter: For automotive technicians, Fluke offers multimeters that include functions tailored to automotive diagnostics, such as RPM measurements, pulse width, and duty cycle.

Fluke True RMS Multimeter: These multimeters provide accurate readings even when measuring complex, non-linear signals, making them ideal for troubleshooting electrical noise and harmonics.

Choosing the Best Fluke Multimeter

Components of a Multimeter

Selecting the Best Fluke Multimeter Depends on Your Specific Needs:

A good digital multimeter from Fluke would offer true RMS measurements, a wide range of measurement functions, and a robust build for general electrical work.

Consider a Fluke HVAC meter that includes temperature and microamp measurements if you work in HVAC.

Always buy Fluke multimeters with RPM and pulse width measurements.

A Fluke clamp multimeter would be the best choice for those working in environments where direct contact with wires is not possible or safe.

Fluke Voltage Meter and Beyond


While Fluke digital multimeters are widely recognized for their voltage measurement capabilities, they offer much more. Their ability to measure resistance, capacitance, frequency, and even temperature makes them versatile tools in any professional’s toolkit.

Fluke Multimeter Mastery: Navigating Through Models and Features

Fluke multimeters have set the gold standard in electrical testing, offering unmatched precision, reliability, and durability. With a diverse lineup that includes models like the Fluke Multimeter 117, 179, 87V, 115, 289, 101, 107, and 17B+, a Fluke multimeter is tailored for every professional’s needs. Make informed choices while buying Fluke multimeters that best suit your requirements.

Fluke Multimeter 117: The Electrician’s Choice

Ideal for demanding settings, the Fluke Multimeter 117 is known for its VoltAlert™ technology for non-contact voltage detection. Its AutoV/LoZ function prevents false readings caused by ghost voltage, making it a favorite among electricians working in commercial and non-commercial premises.

Fluke Multimeter 179: The Versatile Performer

A true RMS digital multimeter, the Fluke Multimeter 179 combines accuracy, reliability, and ease of use. Its temperature measurement capability and a digital display with an analog bar graph make it suitable for various applications, from industrial troubleshooting to precision repair.

Fluke 87V: The Industrial Standard

Designed to handle complex signals in industrial environments, the Fluke 87V stands out with its accurate RMS accuracy and advanced measurement features. The Fluke 87V can measure adjustable speed drives with its unique low-pass filter.

Fluke 115: Compact Reliability

The Fluke 115 offers versatility in a compact design, perfect for field service technicians. Accurate RMS measurements ensure accuracy across a wide array of electrical applications, making it a go-to tool for quick verifications and field service needs.

Fluke 289: The Advanced Troubleshooter

For professionals needing advanced troubleshooting capabilities, the Fluke 289 is the pinnacle. Its logging features, graphical display, and connectivity options make it ideal for complex systems analysis, ensuring you capture every crucial data point.

Fluke 101 and 107: The Essentials

The Fluke 101 and 107 are essential tools for basic electrical testing. These pocket-sized multimeters are perfect for quick verifications and basic troubleshooting, combining Fluke reliability with simplicity and affordability.

Fluke 17B+: The Practical Choice

Popular in markets where affordability without compromising quality is vital, the Fluke 17B+ offers practical features for everyday electrical testing. Its easy-to-use interface and essential measurement functions make it a valuable tool for maintenance and repair tasks.


Choosing Your Fluke Multimeter

fluke 110 Multimeter

When Selecting a Fluke Multimeter, Consider Your Specific Needs:

General Electrical Work: The Fluke 115 and 117 are excellent for a broad range of electrical tasks, offering the perfect balance between functionality and portability.

Industrial Applications: The Fluke 87V is the go-to for industrial electricians needing advanced diagnostic features.

Advanced Troubleshooting: The Fluke 289 is unmatched for professionals requiring detailed data logging and analysis.

Basic Needs and Budget-Friendly Options: The Fluke 101, 107, Fluke Multimeter 179, and 17B+ are ideal for those needing reliable measurements without advanced features.

Value and Investment: While the Fluke multimeter price reflects its quality and reliability, it invests in safety, efficiency, and accuracy. The durability of Fluke multimeters means they perform over the long haul, making them a cost-effective choice for professionals.

Multimeter Fluke 87V TRMS

Why Choose Fluke?

Fluke’s reputation for quality and reliability is unmatched in the industry. Their multimeters are known for withstanding tough conditions, providing accurate and reliable measurements, and easy to use. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a novice, a Fluke multimeter is a wise investment that will serve your electrical testing needs well.


Digital multimeter from Fluke stands out for their precision, durability, and versatility, catering to a wide range of professionals from various fields. Fluke has a model that will meet your needs, whether you need a general-purpose digital multimeter, a specialized HVAC meter, or an automotive multimeter. While the Fluke multimeter price may be higher than some competitors, the value, reliability, and accuracy of Fluke multimeters make them a wise investment for any professional looking for top-quality electrical testing tools at MME.


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