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GW Instek PSW 80 27 DC Power Supply

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Rigol DL3021 DC Electronic Load

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GW Instek PFR 100L DC Power Supply

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The design, control, and conversion of electrical power using electronic devices is the domain of power electronics, a subfield of electrical engineering. It includes the research and use of tools and frameworks that support accurate and dependable power conditioning, control, and conversion for a range of electrical power systems. Modern power distribution, renewable energy systems, electric vehicles, industrial automation, and many other sectors depend heavily on power electronic equipment.

Electrical power can be transformed from one form to another using power electronics. Direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), DC to AC, AC to AC with varied frequencies or voltages, and DC to DC with various voltage levels are all conversions they are capable of. For power sources to be modified to fit the unique requirements of varied applications, this capability is crucial.

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Field of power electronic

Features of Power Electronic Devices

  • Power Conversion
  • Voltage and Current Control
  • Switching Devices
  • Scalability and Modularity