Clamp Current Meters

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Fluke 773 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter

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Fluke 355 True RMS 2000 A Clamp Meter

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Fluke 353 True RMS 2000 A Clamp Meter

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Chauvin Arnoux F607 : True RMS AC/DC digital clamp meter

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FLUKE 369 FC Leakage Current Clamp Meter

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FLIR CM275 Clamp Meter with Datalogging

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FLUKE 393 FC : an epic True-rms Clamp Meter with iFlex

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Fluke 771 Milliamp Process Clamp Meter

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Fluke 368 FC Leakage Current Clamp Meter

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Chauvin Arnoux F605 True RMS AC/DC digital clamp meter

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Clamp current meters, commonly known as clamp meters or current clamps, are crucial electrical measurement equipment. They give a convenient and safe method of measuring current without interrupting the circuit.They have a hinged “clamp” mechanism that allows them to be clamped around a conductor and measure the current flowing through it without interrupting the circuit.

Clamp current meters measure current using the magnetic induction method. The hinged clamp mechanism holds a Hall effect sensor or a magnetic coil that detects the magnetic field produced by electricity flowing through a wire. The magnetic field is then transformed into a proportionate voltage or current signal and shown on the meter.

Clamp Current Meters

When measuring high currents, clamp current meters are very handy since they avoid the need to interrupt the circuit and connect the meter in series. Electricians, HVAC specialists, and maintenance professionals utilize them for a variety of tasks such as troubleshooting, electrical system maintenance, and load monitoring.

When choosing a clamp current meter, keep the following considerations in mind:

Current range: Select a clamp meter with a current range large enough to accept the maximum current you plan to measure.

Accuracy: To achieve precise measurements, look for a clamp meter with a high level of accuracy.

Extra functionalities: Some clamp meters provide voltage measuring, resistance measurement, frequency measurement, temperature monitoring, and data logging capabilities. Consider the features that are relevant to your individual requirements.

Safety features: Check that the clamp meter includes overcurrent protection, insulation ratings, and CAT (Category) ratings that are acceptable for the location in which you will be operating.

Build quality and durability: Choose a clamp meter that is built to handle the demands of your workplace and is durable enough to withstand repeated use.

Clamp Meters

Amp Clamp for Multimeter:

An amp clamp is a multimeter attachment that allows current measurements. Attaching the amp clamp accessory to the multimeter converts it into a clamp meter, allowing for simple current readings.


how to use clamp meter

  • Make certain that the clamp meter is set to the correct current range for the desired measurement.
  • Open the clamp jaws and place them around the current-carrying conductor.
  • Firmly close the clamp jaws, ensuring appropriate contact with the conductor.
Interpreting the Measurement:
  • Examine the digital display of the meter. It will display the measured current in amperes (A).
  • Pay attention to the polarity of the current (if appropriate) and whether it is alternating current or direct current.

KIMO HT9020 Clamp Meter

Additional Measurements and Functions:

Some digital clamp meter include additional measurement functions such as voltage, resistance, frequency, and temperature. For specific information on how to access and use these capabilities, consult the user manual.

Clamp Current Meters

Precautions & Safety:
  • When using a clamp meter, always observe the manufacturer’s instructions and safety standards.
  • Confirm that the clamp meter is appropriate for the current kind and range being measured.
  • Be cautious when working with high-current circuits and adhere to proper electrical safety procedures.
  • Be aware of potential hazards and take efforts to avoid mishaps.

acdc clamp meter with iflex

An AC/DC clamp meter is a useful tool for measuring electrical current in both alternating current and direct current systems. You may easily and correctly measure current using a  clamp meter if you follow the proper procedures and safety standards. The versatility and ease of a clamp meter make it a vital equipment for any electrical expert or enthusiast, whether troubleshooting electrical systems, doing maintenance duties, or executing installs.

Kyoritsu Digital Clamp Meter