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Fluke 700G29 Pressure Gauge Calibrator

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Fluke 700G07 Pressure Gauge Calibrator

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Fluke 700G30 Pressure Gauge Calibrator -14 to 5000 psi

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FLUKE 700G04 Pressure Gauge

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Extech 475055 High Capacity Force Gauge

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PCE-PFG 50 Force Gage

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PCE-PFG 20 Force Gage

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Extech 475044 High Capacity Force Gauge

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Extech 475040 Digital Force Gauge

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PCE-FM 500N Force Gage

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Fluke Pressure Gauges: Unrivaled Accuracy and Durability

A Fluke pressure gauge is the epitome of precision and reliability, designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial and laboratory applications. Focusing on the Fluke 700G series, these tools stand out for their accuracy, rugged construction, and ease of use. Fluke offers a range of digital pressure gauges and calibrators to suit every need, whether you need a straightforward pressure measurement or a comprehensive calibration solution.

Fluke Digital Pressure Gauge Excellence

The Fluke pressure gauge lineup, including the acclaimed 700G series, is engineered for performance. These gauges, like Fluke 700 G 30, are known for their high accuracy and ability to withstand tough industrial environments. The digital interface provides precise, immediate readings, reducing the chance of errors and enhancing efficiency in pressure testing and calibration tasks.

Innovative Features of Fluke Pressure Gauges

  • High Accuracy: Fluke pressure gauges are synonymous with precision. Instruments like the Fluke 700 G31 series offer accuracy levels that ensure reliable measurements for critical processes, making them the go-to choice for professionals who cannot afford discrepancies.
  • Rugged Design: Fluke gauges have robust casings that protect the instrument from dust, water, and impact, ensuring longevity and consistent performance even in challenging conditions.
  • Ease of Use: The Fluke pressure gauge is user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces and clear displays. Features like backlit screens and simple navigation menus make these instruments accessible to seasoned technicians and field newcomers.
  • Versatility: The 700G series offers a broad range of models, including Fluke 700 G 10 and Fluke 700 G 29, each tailored to specific pressure ranges and applications. From low-pressure vacuum measurements with the Fluke 700 G08 to high-pressure applications with the Fluke 700 G31, there’s a Fluke gauge for virtually every requirement.
  • Connectivity and Data Logging: Some models, like the Fluke 700 G 30 in the Fluke range, offer advanced connectivity options, including data logging capabilities that allow for the recording and analyzing of measurements over time. This feature is invaluable for maintaining compliance and optimizing processes.

Versatile Pressure Measurement Solutions

Fluke’s pressure meters, such as the versatile Fluke digital pressure gauge 700G series, are designed for a wide range of applications. From simple pressure checks to complex calibration setups, these meters provide reliable measurements. The digital pressure meter Fluke designs, such as Fluke 700 G07 and Fluke 700 G 10, incorporate advanced features like min/max recording, hold functions, and even logging capabilities in some models, making them indispensable in the field.

Fluke Vacuum Gauge Precision

Understanding the importance of vacuum measurements in specific applications, Fluke also offers vacuum gauges designed with the same attention to detail and quality as their pressure counterparts. These gauges provide accurate vacuum readings, essential for industries where vacuum conditions must be precisely monitored and maintained.

The Fluke 700G Series: A Closer Look

  • Fluke 700 G: The cornerstone of the series, offering a wide range of pressure measurements with robust construction, making it suitable for field and laboratory use.
  • Fluke 700 G31: This model is tailored for high-pressure applications, delivering precise measurements even in the most demanding environments.
  • Fluke 700 G08: Ideal for lower-pressure applications, the 700 G08 provides the same level of accuracy and reliability as its high-pressure counterparts.
  • 700G27 Fluke: A mid-range model that balances performance with versatility, suitable for a variety of industrial applications.

Fluke 700 G Pressure Gauge Calibrator

The Fluke 700G Pressure Gauge Calibrator models offer an all-in-one solution for professionals requiring both a pressure gauge and a calibrator. These devices accurately measure pressure and calibrate pressure instruments, ensuring they meet all industry standards and regulations.

Why Choose Fluke Pressure Gauges?

Choosing a Fluke pressure gauge means opting for a tool that delivers accurate readings and stands the test of time. The 700 G series, in particular, is designed with the user in mind, featuring easy-to-navigate menus, robust casings, and compatibility with a wide range of Fluke accessories and software for data logging and analysis.


A Fluke pressure gauge, especially the Fluke 700 G Pressure Gauge series, represents the gold standard in pressure measurement and calibration. With a model for every pressure range and application, Fluke ensures that professionals in various industries have the tools to perform their tasks confidently and precisely. Whether on the factory floor, in a calibration lab, or the field, a Fluke pressure gauge is a reliable partner in achieving accurate measurements and maintaining system performance at MME.