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tekneka VSC212 pipe inspection video Video Scope

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EXTECH HDV650W-30G HD VideoScope Wireless Plumbing Kit

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EXTECH HDV650-30G HD VideoScope Plumbing Kit

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EXTECH HDV640W VideoScope Kit

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Fluke DS703 FC Diagnostic Scope

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EXTECH HDV650W-10G HD VideoScope Plumbing Kit

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EXTECH HDV640 HD 6mm Diameter VideoScope

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PCE VE 380N LOC Industrial Borescope

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EXTECH HDV650-10G HD VideoScope Plumbing Kit

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Tekneka VSC203T Pipe Inspection Video Scope, Range 35 Meter Cable

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Tekneka VSC204 Pipe Inspection Video Scope

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What is a borescope?

Throughout the last few decades, bore scopes, and inspection instruments, have grown in use across a range of sectors. Visual inspection of difficult-to-reach regions of machinery, equipment, and buildings is done with these adaptable instruments. When conventional visual examination techniques are neither feasible nor practicable, they are very helpful.


In order to visually investigate difficult-to-reach places, a flexible tube with an integrated camera and light source is called a bore scope. Images are taken by the camera and may be seen again on a monitor or saved for later use.
Borescopes come in a number of forms and sizes, and they may be utilized for a wide range of industries, including aviation, automotive, construction, manufacturing, plumbing, and more. While some bores copes are flexible, others are stiff. While the stiff ones are employed in straight tunnels and bigger spaces, the flexible ones are very helpful for going through intricate and curved constructions.

How do video bore scopes function?

Light is sent through a tube by a borescope into the region that has to be investigated.

The tube’s tip may serve as the light source, or there may be an outside source. Images of the region are taken by the camera at the tube’s end and then presented on a monitor.
Remote or manual operation are both options for bore scopes. In manual mode, the user manually moves the bore scope to point the camera in the desired direction. Remote operation allows the bore scope to be controlled from a distance, which is beneficial in dangerous situations or inaccessible locations.

Video scope  Inspection Camera

Types of bore scopes

  • Flexible borescope
  • Rigid borescope
  • Digital borescope
  • Small diameter borescope

Features of Video Borescopes

  • Flexible or Rigid Probes: Video bore scopes are available in both flexible and rigid probe options. Flexible probes are highly maneuverable and can navigate through curved or tight spaces, while rigid probes provide stability and control for straight-line inspections.
  • High-Quality Imaging: Video bore scopes are equipped with high-resolution cameras that capture clear, detailed images and videos of the inspection area. The camera may have adjustable focus, zoom, or illumination settings to optimize visibility in various conditions.
  • Articulating Tip: Some video bore scopes have an articulating tip at the end of the probe, which allows the user to adjust the viewing angle or direction of the camera remotely. This feature enhances the flexibility and versatility of the bore scope, enabling better access to complex or hard-to-reach areas.


Q: How does a video borescope work?

A: The camera at the end of the video borescope probe captures visuals of the inspection area, which are then transmitted to the display unit or video output in real time. Users can navigate the probe through tight spaces or internal components to visually inspect the desired area.

Q: What are the applications of video borescopes?

A: Video borescopes have a wide range of applications across various industries. They are commonly used for inspecting engines, pipes, HVAC systems, aircraft components, automotive parts, machinery, electrical systems, and more. They are particularly useful for diagnostics, quality control, maintenance, and safety inspections.

What Advantages Do Borescopes Offer?

The fundamental advantage of utilizing a bore scope is that it makes it feasible to visually investigate places that would otherwise be challenging or impossible to access. This avoids the need to disassemble equipment or buildings for inspection, saving time and money. Bore scopes are a perfect inspection tool for fragile or sensitive equipment since they are non-destructive and non-invasive.
Some of them offer sophisticated functions including measuring capability, thermal imaging, and ultrasonic sound detection in addition to visual examination. These characteristics can assist in spotting issues like leaks and cracks and can help save expensive equipment damage and downtime.


Overall, borescopes are a crucial tool for many different sectors. Borescope cameras are useful for checking pipelines, ducts, vehicle engines, airplane engines, and more to find flaws that might lead to more serious concerns later on. By offering visual inspection and measuring capabilities, borescopes are a crucial element of any maintenance or inspection program and may save firms time and money by discovering possible problems before they become costly to repair projects.

In the past decades, many of these instruments made by special companies such as Extech, Fluke, and Tekneka. MME Trading as a supplier can provide all kinds of these bore scopes. One the most important ones is from Extech corporation named EXTECH BR200 is a high accuracy and most famous borescopes in the world of industrial equipment that we can mention.