Loop Calibrator

Fluke 710 mA Loop Valve Tester

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Fluke 709H Precision mA Loop Calibrator with HART

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Fluke 715 Volt/mA Loop Calibrator

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Additel ADT210 Loop Calibrator

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Fluke 709 Precision mA Loop Calibrator

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Fluke 707 Current Loop Calibrator with Quick Click Knob

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Fluke 705 Loop Calibrator : an epic american calibrator

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Additel ADT209 Loop Calibrator

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Fluke 772 Milliamp Process Clamp Loop Meter

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Looking for a reliable tool to calibrate and troubleshoot current loops in industrial settings?

These adaptable devices are made to guarantee precise measurements and enhance the functionality of instruments and control systems. Loop calibrators are the preferred option for technicians and engineers in process control and instrumentation due to their extensive features and accurate current outputs.

At MMElectronics, we recognize the value of accurate calibration in industrial settings. Our calibrators are vital equipment for calibration and maintenance work because they offer unrivaled accuracy and functionality. Our loop calibrators provide accurate results whether you’re testing pressure transmitters, temperature sensors, flow meters, or control valves.

Loop calibrator use

In process calibration and control, loop calibrators are frequently employed. Process control, as its name suggests, monitors and regulates a process to uphold a standard of quality and performance. A physical quality, like pressure or temperature, can be the process. Electrical calibration can also be accomplished with loop testers.

How does a loop calibrator work?

Loop calibrators work with a variety of power sources and send signals over great distances without noise or signal loss. These instruments can replicate 4-20 mA loop-powered transmitters and monitor electrical current as well as source current.

Our loop calibrators are among the best in terms of simulation and measurement right now. You may simply simulate and validate different current values inside a loop with customizable current outputs. As a result, readings are certain to be precise and fine-tuning is possible to match desired reference values. Additionally, some models have the capacity to gauge voltage and control loop power, offering thorough troubleshooting options.

Discover the accuracy and dependability of our loop calibrators. Improve your calibration procedures to retain top performance in commercial settings. To learn more about our selection of loop calibrators and to find the ideal solution for your calibration needs, get in touch with MMElectronic right away.

Loop Calibrators Features

  • Current Simulation and Measurement
  • Voltage Measurement
  • Loop Power Capability
  • Accuracy and Precision
  • Adjustable Output Ranges
  • Portable Design

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