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PCE-ATP 1 ATP Tester

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AED 5,316 (excl.VAT)

Testo 0563 0101 Cooking oil-temperature kit

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testo 270 Cooking oil tester

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AED 1,750 (excl.VAT)

Tekneka 170 Deep Fry Cooking Oil Tester

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PCE-FOT 10 Cooking Oil Tester

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Testo 0516 7301 Case for storing the cooking oil tester

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Oil Testers are devices that can determine the quality of various types of oil. The Oil Testers measure directly in the liquid fat, prevent health risks, fast, reliable on-site measurements, and help to adjustment of the correct frying point.

Advantages of Oil Testers:

Oil testers provide several important advantages in oil analysis and maintenance. For starters, they provide critical information on the state of the oil, such as viscosity, acidity, contamination, and oxidation levels. Oil testers enable preventive maintenance and assist prevent costly equipment failures by monitoring these parameters. Second, these devices make it easier to detect pollutants and impurities, guaranteeing that the oil satisfies industry requirements and reducing the danger of component wear and tear. Furthermore, oil testers help to extend oil life and optimise oil change intervals, which results in cost savings and increased operational efficiency.

MME Trading can provide all kinds of oil testers from various brands such as Testo. Most of these oil testers use in cooking industries like frying oil testers. For instance, we can mention the Testo 270 cooking oil tester kit which is one the most important oil testers in the world of industry. Also, there are too many oil testers from Testo Corporation because of that we can say Testo is one of the biggest and most powerful companies in producing oil testers and other related goods.