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Extech 407790A Real Time Octave Band Analyzer

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Extech 407780A Integrating Sound LVLMeter USB

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Extech SDL600 Sound Level Meter/Datalogger

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Fluke 945 Sound Meter

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PCE 322A Class 2 Sound Level Meter/ Data logger

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Sound level meters are tools for measuring the acoustical energy (measured in decibels, or dB), or sound pressure level (SPL), that sound waves produce. They are frequently employed to make sure that noise levels are within safe and acceptable bounds in a variety of industries, including construction, entertainment, and transportation.

Components of Sound Level Meters

An amplifier, display unit, and microphone are the typical components of sound level meters. The sound waves are picked up by the microphone and amplified before being shown on the device’s screen in decibels (dB). Data logging and frequency analysis features are also included with some high-tech sound level meters.

Factors Affecting Sound Level Meter Accuracy and Calibration

The quality of the microphone and amplifier, the distance between the meter and the sound source, and the spectral properties of the sound waves being measured are some of the variables that affect how accurate sound level meters are. Hence, it’s crucial to pick a dependable meter that complies with specifications and has been calibrated for precise measures.

The Significance of Sound Level Meters

Sound level meters can help detect sources of excessive noise, such as machinery or equipment, and can assist in designing plans to lower noise levels in the workplace in addition to assuring compliance with noise rules. Also, they can be used to monitor environmental noise, which enables the detection of noise pollution and its effects on people’s health and quality of life.
Sound level meters are crucial equipment for measuring and tracking sound levels in a variety of industries, to sum up. They contribute to the creation of safer and healthier settings by offering precise and trustworthy measures that help guard against excessive noise exposure for both workers and the general public.

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