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Fluke 54 II B Data Logging Thermometer

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PCE-HPT 1 Thermometer

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PCE-893 Thermometer

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Laser Infrared Thermometer


A handheld device used to monitor temperature without physical touch is a laser infrared thermometer, often called an IR thermometer or a thermometer gun. It uses infrared technology to find and gauge the thermal radiation that a surface or object emits.

A laser infrared thermometer works in many fields and applications where non-contact temperature measurement is necessary, such as HVAC systems, vehicle diagnostics, food safety, industrial maintenance, electrical troubleshooting, and medical applications.

An IR laser thermometer is a secure and non-contact way to detect temperature. It does not contact the measured object’s surface; instead, it uses infrared technology to measure the thermal radiation it emits.

A laser thermometer frequently includes an infrared IR thermometer or laser sighting device that aids in targeting and locating the target region for temperature measurement. The laser beam ensures that the target surface is accurately targeted and aligned.

In conclusion, a laser infrared thermometer offers quick readings, rapid readings, adjustable emissivity, wide temperature ranges, and other features to improve usability and efficiency. It allows convenient and accurate non-contact temperature measurement in a variety of applications at MME.

Laser Thermometer

Features of Laser Infrared Thermometer:

  • Non-contact thermometer
  • Laser Targeting
  • Temperature Range
  • Temperature Units
  • Adjustable Emissivity
  • Backlit Display
  • Best infrared thermometer for HVAC

Types of Laser Thermometers:

  • High-temperature infrared IR thermometer
  • Medical infrared temp gun
  • Laser IR thermometer hardware
  • Industrial Process Infrared IR thermometer

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Q: How does a laser thermometer work?

A: An IR laser thermometer works based on the principle of infrared radiation. It emits a laser beam that reflects off an object’s surface and then measures the thermal radiation emitted by the object. The laser infrared thermometer calculates the temperature based on the intensity of the thermal radiation received.

Q: Are thermometer guns accurate?

A: Laser thermo-meters or infrared temp guns can provide accurate temperature measurements when used correctly and under appropriate conditions. However, distance, emissivity settings, and environmental factors (such as dust or steam) can affect accuracy. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines and calibrating the IR laser thermometer is essential for optimal accuracy.

Q: Can laser thermo-meters measure temperature in moving objects?

A: A laser infrared thermometer or infrared temp gun can measure temperature in moving objects, but the speed and nature of the movement must be considered. Fast-moving objects or objects with a changing surface may require specific techniques or accessories to ensure accurate readings.