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EXTECH 382280 Precision with Programmable 200 Watt Output DC Power Supply

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A programmable power supply (PPS) is a sophisticated electronic device that provides accurate and changeable electrical power to a variety of electronic components and devices. Its ability to modify output voltage, current, and other parameters makes it a valuable tool in research, development, testing, and manufacturing processes across a wide range of sectors.

Operation and components:

A power conversion circuit, a control unit (typically with a microcontroller), user interface elements (such as a display and keypad), and communication interfaces (e.g., USB, Ethernet, GPIB) are the basic components of a PPS. The power conversion circuitry converts the input voltage to a stable and programmable output voltage, while the control unit supervises the operation of the power supply based on the user’s demands. The user interface makes it easy to alter voltage, current, and other settings, while communication connections allow for remote control and data logging.

Key Features of Programmable Power Supplies:

PPS units provide a wide range of programmable output voltages and currents to fit a variety of devices under test.
For sensitive applications, advanced feedback control methods offer great accuracy and stability in output parameters.
Overcurrent and Overvoltage Protection: These features protect the power supply as well as the attached devices from potential damage caused by unintentional overloads or voltage spikes.

PPS devices can be operated and monitored remotely via computer interfaces, allowing for automated testing and incorporation into larger test settings.

Applications of Programmable Power Supplies:

PPS is widely used in electrical component, circuit, and device testing during development and quality assurance operations.

PPS is used in research and development by scientists and engineers to power prototypes and analyse the behaviour of various electronic devices.

Manufacturing environments use programmable power supplies for end-of-line testing and calibration of electronic goods.

PPS is critical in evaluating and characterising batteries for electric vehicles, portable gadgets, and renewable energy systems.

PPS is used in the automobile industry to simulate different operating situations and evaluate the operation of electronic control units (ECUs).

PPS is critical in the testing and validation of avionics and defence electronics, ensuring robustness and reliability under varying conditions.

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