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Tekneka 760 Coating Thickness Gauge

The Tekneka-760 Coating Thickness Gauge uses magnetic (ferrous) or eddy current (non-ferrous) induction to provide precise, non-destructive measurements of coating and dry film (DFT) thicknesses on metal substrates.

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Tekneka 760 Coating Thickness Gauge

The Tekneka 760 uses magnetic (ferrous) or eddy current (non-ferrous) induction to provide precise, non-destructive measurements of coating and dry film (DFT) thicknesses on metal substrates. like steel and aluminum. 760 coating thickness gauge tekneka has a height range from 0 to 2000 µm [±(2%+1µm)] and easy calibration adjustment with a four-point/zero-point option using standard sheets. It provides fast measurement and the best repeatability with high accuracy of measurement results.

Users can purchase up to 1300 readings in multiple batch/group modes and transmit data via Bluetooth. Users can also measure real-time data and display the data as listed values/graphs/bars using the mobile app. This coating thickness gauge is ideal for the inspection of painted and powder-coated surfaces, automotive paint inspection, coating material inspection, and quality control in production.

Tekneka 760 Features

  • LCD Display with 2.4-inch high-contrast color with adaptive screen rotation
  • Measures both Fe and NFe materials up to 2000μm (other ranges adaptable)
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity for real-time viewing on your cell phone
  • Users can view live graphs, trends, histograms, and statistical data on the device
  • Users can record up to 1,300 points as a batch with multiple groups (10 batches/13 groups/10 points)
  • Download stored data in a detailed report (.pdf/.txt) via the mobile application
  • IMO PSPC 90/10 mode (“PASS” or “FAIL” determination based on NDFT value)
  • Very fast & best repeatability with high accuracy of measurement results
  • Features a built-in measurement mode specifically for automotive and general applications
  • Accurate measurements on smooth, rough, thin, and curved surfaces
  • Users can perform zero-point and multi-point calibration (up to 4 points)
  • Easy recall of readings and deletion of specific readings
  • Has an alarm function to set upper and lower limits for each general group
  • It can be connected to software for real-time measurements and data exporting
  • PC Interface via USB and data export in “.txt” format
  • Automatic power off and low battery indicator
  • Statistics display: Number of readings, mean, min, max and standard deviation, coefficient of variation, numbers below/above the limit

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Tekneka 760 Specifications:

Measuring Range (Fe & NFe) 0 to 2000μm (0 to 78.7 mils)
Accuracy ±(2% + 1μm)/±(2% + 0.39 mils)
Display Resolution 0.1μm (0 to 99.9μm)/1μm (≥100μm)
Units μm, mm, mils, inch
Measuring Principle Fe: Magnetic Induction
NFe: Eddy Current
Calibration 1 to 4 points & ZERO point calibration
Precision Standard Foil Thickness 99, 482, 997, 2020, 3970μm (included)
Bluetooth Connectivity Yes (real-time data & export in .pdf / .txt file)
Memory Range (10 Batches-13 Groups) Maximum 1,300 readings
Statistics Options No. of readings, Mean, Min, Max, Standard deviation, Coefficient of variation, Numbers below/above the limit
Measuring Area Ø15mm (minimum)
Minimum Curvature Radius Convex: 5mm | Concave: 25mm
Minimum Substrate Fe: 0.20mm | NFe: 0.03mm
Alarm Higher/Lower limits
Measuring Rate Maximum 2 readings
Interface Download data via USB
Power Supply 2 x AA 1.5V Alkaline battery
Operating Temperature -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)
Built Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Device/Packing Dimension 146 x 76 x 32mm/Box: 26 x 22.5 x 7.5cm
Weight Net: 134g/Gross: 776g
Standard Compliance ISO 2178, 2360


  • 710 Coating Thickness Gauge
  • Standard Foils & Zero Plates
  • 2 x AAA Batteries
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
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  1. lewis

    Its accuracy in measuring coating thickness is impressive.

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