The Siemens LOGO! series is a line of modular and versatile logic modules that serve as intelligent and efficient solutions for simple automation tasks. Among the offerings in the LOGO! series, the basic modules with displays stand out for their user-friendliness and functionality. These devices are particularly suitable for small automation projects in industrial, residential, and commercial environments.

Key Features of LOGO! Basic Modules with Display

  1. Integrated Display:
    • LOGO! basic modules come equipped with an onboard display that provides essential information about the module’s status and operations. This display can show messages, parameter values, and can be used for programming and diagnostics directly on the device, without the need for an external PC.
  2. Ease of Use:
    • The integrated display, combined with simple push-button operation, makes these modules exceptionally easy to configure and operate. Users can quickly make adjustments to the system directly through the module’s interface.
  3. Compact Design:
    • The LOGO! modules are known for their small footprint, making them ideal for installation in tight spaces where traditional PLCs might not fit. This compact design is particularly advantageous in building automation systems or small control cabinets.
  4. Modular Expandability:
    • While the basic modules provide substantial functionality, they can also be expanded with a range of additional modules including analog inputs/outputs, digital inputs/outputs, and communication modules. This flexibility allows the system to grow and adapt to increasing automation needs.
  5. Communication Capabilities:
    • Some models of LOGO! basic modules include Ethernet interfaces, enabling them to communicate with other networked devices and integrate with larger systems. This connectivity supports applications that require remote monitoring and control.
  6. Integrated Functions:
    • LOGO! modules include a variety of pre-programmed functions such as timers, counters, and auxiliary functions, which simplify the automation of tasks like lighting control, gate management, and time-based operations without complex programming.


LOGO! basic modules with displays are used in a multitude of applications, such as:

  • Building Automation: Managing lighting, heating, and access control systems efficiently.
  • Industrial Control: Automating small-scale processes, such as control of pumps or fans.
  • Home Automation: Enhancing comfort and energy efficiency with automated control of household systems.
  • Remote Control: Enabling the operation and monitoring of systems in remote locations, ideal for agricultural applications like irrigation.


  • User-Friendly Interface: The on-board display and simple navigation buttons allow for straightforward programming and operation.
  • Cost-Effective: Provides a budget-friendly alternative to more complex PLC systems while still offering a range of automation capabilities.
  • Reliable and Durable: Built to Siemens’ high-quality standards, LOGO! modules are robust and designed to withstand the demands of both industrial and residential environments.
  • Energy Efficient: Optimizes energy usage through efficient control of electrical devices and systems, leading to cost savings.