Siemens LOGO! Expansion Modules are extra hardware components that may be added to LOGO! programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in order to increase their capability and customize them to meet certain automation needs. These modules give customers the ability to adapt their LOGO! system to the requirements of their applications by adding more inputs, outputs, or specialized functionality.

These modules increase the LOGO! PLC’s capacity by providing more digital inputs or outputs. They might be utilized to link and manage a greater variety of sensors, actuators, or gadgets. Digital output modules allow the PLC to switch or operate external devices, whilst digital input modules enable the LOGO! controller to monitor signals and determine the condition of external devices.

The expansion modules are typically designed to be easily integrated with the LOGO! PLC. They connect to the PLC via a standardized interface and are configured and programmed using the LOGO! programming software, LOGO! Soft Comfort.

Common type Siemens LOGO Expansion Modules

  • Digital Input/Output Modules
  • Analog Input/Output Modules
  • Communication Modules
  • Specialized Modules