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Review of 3 models for the best Extech Laser Distance Meter

بررسی 3 مدل برای بهترین فاصله سنج لیزری Extech

3 Models for the Best Extech Laser Distance Meter for Your Needs

Are you seeking for a tool that can rapidly and precisely measure volumes, areas, and distances? Do you want to cut down on time and effort when working on your house or on projects involving building, engineering, landscaping, surveying, architecture, design, and other tasks? In that case, you may want to think about purchasing a laser distance meter.

A gadget that measures distances, areas, and volumes using a laser beam is called a laser distance meter.

Compared to conventional measuring equipment like tape measures, rulers, or calipers, it is quicker, simpler, and more precise. It can also carry out a variety of calculations, including indirect measures that make use of the Pythagorean theorem or other sophisticated functions.

But how can you pick the most suitable laser distance meter for your requirements? There are several things to think about, including the price, battery life, durability, range, accuracy, features, and functionalities.

Three laser distance meters from Extech, a well-known manufacturer of test and measurement equipment, will be compared in this article. We’ll weigh their advantages and disadvantages to assist you in selecting the one that’s right for you.

DT300 Extech Laser Distance Measurer

The Extech DT300 is the smallest and lightest of the three models. Its dimensions are 4.6 x 2 x 1.1 inches (118 x 54 x 28 mm) yet it only weighs 3.5 ounces (100 grams). You may carry it everywhere and it fits nicely in your pocket or tool belt.

The Extech DT300 includes a sizable LCD screen with backlighting that clearly displays the measurements. It has a straightforward four-button interface that enables you to change between various settings and units.

With a precision of 0.06 inches (1.5 mm), it can measure distances of up to 197 feet (2 inches, or 0.05 meters, or 60 meters). The length, breadth, and height measurements are multiplied to calculate areas and volumes as well.

The Pythagorean theorem can be used to do indirect measurements as well. As a result, you can measure two sides of a right triangle to determine the height or length of an object that is not easily accessible.

As you move the Extech DT300 closer or away from the target, the continuous measuring feature updates the distance every 0.5 seconds.

This is helpful for measuring the shortest or longest distance between two sites as well as for monitoring how that distance varies over time. Additionally, you can add or subtract several measures using the addition and subtraction functions.

Up to 20 readings can be saved by the Extech DT300 in its internal memory for future reference or comparison.

A low battery indicator lets you know when the battery is running low. In order to preserve battery life, it also contains an automatic power-down feature that shuts the gadget off after three minutes of inactivity. It has a travel case and two AAA batteries with a 3,000-measurement lifespan.

For quick and simple measurements inside of buildings like homes, offices, warehouses, and more, the Extech DT300 is excellent. For simple measuring activities, it provides good performance and is both practical and inexpensive.

Extech Dt300 Laser Distance Meter

EXTECH DT300 Laser Distance Meter

A few advantages of the Extech DT300 include:

simple computations
easy operation
Small size
inexpensive price
practical carrying case.

The following are some Extech DT300 drawbacks:

restricted range
limited precision
less characteristics
limited capabilities
limited capacity for memory
No option for data transfer
DT60M Laser Distance Meter by Extech
Compared to the DT300, the Extech DT60M is a more sophisticated variant.

It offers a greater precision of 0.04 inches (1 mm) and a larger range of up to 196 feet (60 meters). Additionally, it includes more features and functions that increase its adaptability and precision.

A tripod mount and an integrated bubble level on the Extech DT60M make it easier to orient and stable the tool for more precise measurements.

Additionally, it contains a data hold feature that freezes the display to make viewing it simpler. It can show the current value as well as the minimum and maximum values for continuous measurements.

With an accuracy of 0.04 inches (1 mm), the Extech DT60M can measure distances between 2 inches and 196 feet (0.05 to 60 meters). The length, breadth, and height measurements are multiplied to calculate areas and volumes as well.

The Pythagorean theorem and more sophisticated computations, such as the trapezoid area, triangle area, and stake out function, can also be used to do indirect measurements.

Up to 99 measurements can be saved in the Extech DT60M’s internal memory for further reference or comparison.

Additionally, it contains a USB connector that enables data transmission to a PC using a micro-USB cable and pre-installed software on a CD-ROM. Using the software, you can see, edit, and export the data on your computer.

A carrying case, a tiny USB cable, software on a CD, and two AAA batteries with 5,000 measurement capacity are included with the Extech DT60M. Additionally, it offers an automatic power-off feature and a low battery indication.

Extech’s DT60M is appropriate for more difficult measures in both indoor and outdoor settings, including building sites, engineering projects, gardening, and other situations. It provides great performance for intermediate measuring activities and is precise and adaptable.

A few advantages of the Extech DT60M include:

greater range
increased precision
More attributes
more features
additional memory capacity
Option for data transfer
stable alignment and precision
practical carrying case
a software CD-ROM and mini-USB cable are supplied.

The following are some Extech DT60M drawbacks:

greater cost than DT300
DT300 is heavier than
bigger than the DT300
There is no color display.
a lack of a graphical user interface
Bluetooth connection absent
DT100M Laser Distance Meter by Extech

The Extech DT100M is the strongest of the three models. Its excellent precision of 0.08 inches (2 mm) and range of up to 328 feet (100 meters) are also outstanding.

Additionally, it has a graphical user interface, a color LCD display with backlight, and other features that make it easier to operate.

With an accuracy of 0.08 inches (2 mm), the Extech DT100M can measure lengths between 2 inches and 328 feet (0.05 and 100 meters). The length, breadth, and height measurements are multiplied to calculate areas and volumes as well.

Along with other complex calculations like perimeter, height difference, angle measurement, Pythagoras with partial height measurement, trapezoid area measurement, triangle area measurement, stake out function, and timer function, it can also perform indirect measurements using the Pythagorean theorem.

For subsequent reference or comparison, the Extech DT100M’s internal memory may save up to 30 sets of measurements. Up to 20 observations and 20 matching calculations can be found in each set.

Additionally, it has a Bluetooth connection that enables wireless data transfer to a smartphone or tablet using an app that can be downloaded for free from Google Play or the Apple Store. Using the app, you may see, edit, and share the data on your mobile device.

A carrying case, a micro USB cable, an AC adapter, and a rechargeable lithium battery with a maximum operating time of 8 hours and a maximum standby period of 1 year are included with the Extech DT100M. Additionally, it offers an automatic power-off feature and a low battery indication.

For accurate measures in any setting, including surveying, architecture, design, inspection, etc., the Extech DT100M is ideal. It provides exceptional performance for complex measuring tasks and is strong and professional.

A few advantages of the Extech DT100M include:

amazing range
Displaying colors
Interactive graphics
Bluetooth pairing
numerous features and capabilities
extensive memory capacity
a rechargeable lithium battery with a maximum operating time of eight hours and a maximum standby period of one year; a handy carrying case; and an AC converter are all included.
The following are some Extech DT100M drawbacks:
Larger than DT60M and DT300, heavier than DT60M and DT300, more expensive than DT60M and DT300, and less accurate than DT60M

Extech Dt60M Laser Distance Meter

EXTECH DT60M Laser Distance Meter


The DT300, DT60M, and DT100M laser distance meters from Extech have been compared.

Depending on your individual needs and tastes, each model offers pros and cons. For simple measuring activities, the DT300 is the most portable and lightweight device with good performance.

A more sophisticated variant with outstanding performance for intermediate measuring applications is the DT60M. The most potent model, the DT100M, provides exceptional performance for challenging measuring jobs.

Regardless of the model you select, you can be confident that you are getting a high-quality item from a reputable company that provides first-rate customer service and a warranty. On or other online marketplaces, you can evaluate their costs and availability.

You can access a special deal from by clicking on this link if you’re interested in purchasing one of these models:

We really hope that this article has assisted you in making the right Extech laser distance meter selection. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any queries or comments. We’d be thrilled to hear from you.

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