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Guide to Choosing the Best Laser Distance Meter


Guide to Choosing the Best Laser Distance Meter 2 picks


Laser distance meters are becoming a common option for both pros and DIY enthusiasts when it comes to measuring distances. They are a crucial instrument for the building, architectural, and other fields that require exact measurements because they deliver accurate measurements quickly and effectively.

Two of the most well-liked laser distance meters on the market are offered by EXTECH, a top producer of testing and measurement tools: the DT100M and the DT500. This post will compare these two models so that you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Design and Build Quality:

A laser distance meter’s design and build quality should be taken into account. With a rubber grip that offers a cozy and stable grip, the EXTECH DT100M boasts a strong and compact design.

It is accurate to 1.5mm and has a range of up to 100 meters. On the other hand, the DT500 is a little bit bigger and heavier but still has a good grip. It is accurate to 1.5mm and has a range of up to 50 meters. The illuminated displays on both versions make it simple to read measurements in dim lighting.

The most crucial factor to take into account is a laser distance meter’s functionality. Numerous features, such as continuous measurement, area and volume calculations, and Pythagorean functions, are available with the EXTECH DT100M.

Extech Dt100M Laser Distance Meter

EXTECH DT100M Laser Distance Meter

Additionally, it contains a tilt sensor that makes measurements at an angle simple. Similar functions are present in the DT500, but it also has Bluetooth connectivity, enabling data transfer to PCs and mobile devices.

For individuals who need to transfer measurements for documentation or additional research, this tool is helpful.

Accuracy: For professionals that need exact measures, a laser distance meter’s accuracy is essential. Both the EXTECH DT100M and DT500 are extremely accurate, with an accuracy of up to 1.5mm.

The DT500 has a range of up to 50 meters, whilst the DT100M has a longer range of up to 100 meters. This indicates that the DT100M is better suited for measurements taken outside, whilst the DT500 is more suited for measurements taken inside.

Battery Life: For professionals who use laser distance meters frequently, battery life is a crucial factor to take into account. Both the EXTECH DT100M and DT500 employ simple-to-change AAA batteries.

The battery life of the DT100M is up to 10,000 measurements, whereas that of the DT500 is up to 3,000 measurements. As a result, the DT100M is more suited for regular usage and has a longer battery life.

Price: Especially for those on a tight budget, the cost of a laser distance meter is a significant consideration.

The EXTECH DT100M, which has a price range of approximately $60 to $80, is the more cost-effective choice. The DT500 costs between $100 and $120, which is a little pricier. For those who want this capability, the DT500’s Bluetooth connectivity and data transfer abilities make it worth the extra money.

The Extech DT500 Laser Distance Meter with Bluetooth’s capacity to wirelessly communicate measurement data over Bluetooth is another important feature.

For people who need to record their measures or share them with others, this function is especially helpful. Users can quickly transfer data from the DT500 to a spreadsheet or other document for record-keeping or sharing by pairing it with a smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Extech DT500 Laser Distance Meter with Bluetooth costs a little bit more than the DT100M. The price difference might be justified for people who require the extra convenience of Bluetooth connectivity and wireless data transfer, though.

With a variety of capabilities, the Extech DT100M and DT500 Laser Distance Meters are both dependable and accurate tools for measuring distance and figuring out area and volume.

While the DT500 with Bluetooth connectivity is a wonderful alternative for individuals who need to wirelessly record and share their measurements, the DT100M is a great option for those who only need a basic, dependable laser distance meter for straightforward measurements.

Extech Dt500 Laser Distance Meter With Bluetooth

EXTECH DT500 Laser Distance Meter with Bluetooth

The Extech DT100M and DT500 Laser Distance Meters you choose will primarily depend on your individual requirements and preferences.

The DT100M is a great option if you’re searching for a straightforward and trustworthy tool for doing basic distance measurements. On the other hand, the DT500 is the best option if you need the extra convenience of Bluetooth connectivity and the capacity to share measurement data remotely.

Whichever you choose, these instruments are both solidly constructed, precise, and dependable, and they will serve you well for many years to come.

In conclusion, the Extech DT100M and DT500 Laser Distance Meters are two excellent choices for anyone in need of a trustworthy and precise tool for measuring distance, figuring out area and volume, and carrying out other related duties.

These laser distance meters offer a selection of features and capabilities that make them practical tools to have in your toolbox, regardless of whether you are a DIY enthusiast, a professional contractor, or anybody in between.

The Extech DT100M and DT500 Laser Distance Meters are both fantastic choices that will provide you years of dependable service thanks to their small, portable designs, outstanding accuracy, and user-friendly interfaces.

So, whether you opt for the DT100M’s simplicity and affordability or the DT500’s Bluetooth connectivity for added convenience, you can be confident that you are making a wise investment in a high-quality laser distance meter.

The EXTECH DT100M Laser Distance Meter is a portable, user-friendly laser distance meter that is great for both professional and do-it-yourself use.

It is ideal for measuring distances for construction projects or home improvement activities because it has a range of up to 100 feet and precision of 1/16 inch. The device also has a sizable backlit display that makes it simple to read even in dim lighting.

The tiny size of the EXTECH DT100M is one of its distinguishing qualities. It may be carried around on job sites or between tasks because it fits easily into a pocket or tool bag. With basic controls and a straightforward UI, the gadget is also incredibly simple to use.

To receive a quick measurement, simply point the device at the target and push the button.

The EXTECH DT500 laser distance meter is a more sophisticated model with Bluetooth connectivity and other functions for more adaptability.

It is appropriate for a variety of applications due to its accuracy of 1/16 inch and range of up to 164 feet. Additionally, the instrument has a color display and can measure in both feet and meters.

The Bluetooth connectivity of the EXTECH DT500 is one of its most notable features. This enables you to easily record measurements on your tablet or smartphone for sharing with others or keeping a record of them yourself.

A built-in calculator, a Pythagoras function, and tools for volume and area calculations are also included with the gadget.

Comparison: Your unique demands and tastes ultimately determine which of the EXTECH DT100M and DT500 you should purchase. The DT100M is an easy-to-use instrument that excels at routine measuring jobs.

It is perfect for usage on the go because it is also incredibly portable and simple to operate. The DT500, on the other hand, has more sophisticated features and abilities, like Bluetooth compatibility and an integrated calculator.

This makes it a better option for more challenging tasks or circumstances requiring accurate computations.

Tips for Buying a Laser Distance Meter: There are a number of things to take into account when buying a laser distance meter to make sure you receive the finest model for your requirements.

Observe the following advice:

1. Take into account the range: The maximum ranges of various laser distance meters vary. Make sure the device you select has a range that meets your unique requirements.

2. Examine durability: Laser rangefinders are susceptible to deterioration, particularly if they are used regularly. Choose a gadget that can endure the demands of your specific job and is constructed of sturdy materials.

3. Consider the battery life of your laser distance meter. The last thing you want is for the batteries to die in the middle of a project. Look for a device that can use rechargeable batteries or has a lengthy battery life.

4. Verify accuracy: When measuring distances, accuracy is crucial. you achieve precise measurements, choose a tool with a high level of accuracy and be sure you carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Take into account your financial situation: Laser distance meters can cost anything from $30 to more than $500. To decide how much you are willing to pay, take into account your budget and the unique requirements of your project.

6-Read reviews: Before making a purchase, read reviews to gain a sense of the functionality, robustness, and user-friendliness of the product. This might help you prepare for what to expect and identify any potential problems.


Some perks and advantages of each laser rangefinder include:

DT100M Laser Distance Meter by Extech:

provides a variety of measuring options, including indirect measures based on the Pythagorean theorem, area, volume, and distance measurements.
possesses a 0.08-inch (2-millimeter) precision and is capable of measuring distances up to 100 feet (30 meters).

Features a sizable, illuminated LCD display for simple measuring results viewing even in dim lighting.
features a lightweight, portable design that makes it simple to use and transport.
offers a variety of uses, from professional construction and renovation work to do-it-yourself home improvement projects.

has a robust design built to resist challenging operating conditions.
comes with a safe travel case and a wrist strap for enhanced comfort and security.
Extech DT500 Bluetooth-enabled laser distance meter:

provides all of the measurement options available on the DT100M, plus the added advantage of Bluetooth connectivity for wireless data sharing.

can measure a distance up to 164 feet (50 meters) away with a 1.5mm (0.06 inch) accuracy.
features a colour TFT display with high contrast that is simple to read and offers precise, thorough measurement data.
provides additional versatility by enabling distance measurement using both the front and back sensors.
can be Bluetooth linked with a smartphone or tablet for simple measurement data transmission to spreadsheets or other documents.
includes a USB cord and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for easy charging.
possesses a small, ergonomic design that is pleasant to carry and simple to use, even with one hand.
Depending on your particular requirements and preferences, both of these laser distance meters offer a variety of advantages and benefits.

While the Extech DT500 with Bluetooth connectivity is a wonderful alternative for individuals who need to wirelessly record and share their measurements, the Extech DT100M is a great option for those who just need a basic, dependable tool for measuring distance.

In the end, whatever of these two tools you choose will rely on your own requirements, spending capacity, and preferences.


The EXTECH DT100M and DT500 laser distance meters are both superior tools that may speed up workday operations and enhance production. For individuals who require a simple, straightforward gadget that is inexpensive and simple to use, the DT100M is an excellent solution.

Contrarily, the DT500 comes with extra features like Bluetooth connectivity and an integrated calculator, making it a more sophisticated choice for individuals who want greater levels of accuracy and precision.

It’s crucial to take your unique requirements and financial situation into account while deciding between these two devices.

The DT100M is a fantastic option if you infrequently need to measure distances and don’t need complex capabilities. The DT500 might be a better choice, though, if you need a more sophisticated device that can survive challenging working circumstances.

Overall, the EXTECH DT100M and DT500 are top-notch laser distance meters that may make your projects go more quickly and precisely. You can eliminate errors, gain better outcomes, and save time on the job site with the proper tool in your hand.


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