ABB tgm5 Angular transmitter

The ABB TGM 5 P is a pressure transmitter designed for industrial applications, especially in the electrical and process industries.

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ABB tgm5 Angular transmitter

The ABB TGM5 is an angle transmitter designed to measure the angular position of an axis or rotating object. It is commonly used in industrial applications where precise angle measurements are required.

The TGM5 transmitter uses a non-contact induction technology known as the magnetostrictive principle to determine angular position. It consists of a sensing element and a separate signal processor.

The sensing element is normally mounted on a shaft or rotating object and contains a permanent magnet and a waveguide. The signal processor is connected to the sensing element and receives position information.

Angular Position Measurement

When the shaft or object rotates, the magnetic field of the permanent magnet generates torsional stress in the waveguide. This stress produces a torsion wave that propagates along the waveguide at a known speed. The position of the magnet is determined by measuring the time it takes for the torsion wave to travel from the sensing element to the signal processor.

The ABB tgm 5 P 14436-0-1072510 transmitter provides accurate and reliable angular position measurements with high resolution and repeatability. It is commonly used in various industrial applications including machine control, robotics, and automation systems.

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